Crazy Love

This weekend I had the privilege of being with some of my best friends. It the occasion of one of their weddings and the excitement of simply being together was palpable, if not noticeable by the incessant dancing on the tables and hugging and singing with each other. It is so wonderful and so refreshing to spend time so excited!

Not only were we able to celebrate this weekend together, but we were able to celebrate another engagement and the decision of one of us to move to New York to pursue a dream they had always wanted.

As i think back and talk to others about this weekend, I cannot help but think of how “crazy” all of it is. These decisions – the quality decisions about our lives and the courses they will take, appear to us as “crazy”, “risky” yet also necessary.

In my toast to the happy couple during the rehearsal dinner, I slipped a bit and said the word “controversy” when I meant to say “conflict” in describing the natural course of marriage. However, the word fit and was appropriate in some ways for this couple. There is one very noticeable difference between the couple, and sometimes it is hard for us to see beyond this to the love and similarities they do share. To some this was “crazy”, even to the couple themselves. Yet when we stop and realize the truth of our souls, sometimes it is wildly incongruent to the path we “thought” we would have or were taught to have.

It is this that I think is the message of this weekend. It’s the idea that Love, in all its forms, whether it be of another person or of a career, in its very essence is crazy. It is a risk. It is new. It is the boldest thing we can do and I admire those who step forward and do it, proclaiming to the world that in fact they do love each other or this path – no matter what.

While this doesn’t mean that there won’t be hard times, difficulties, and the like, it does mean that we are alive. The choice to love and to follow love, to commit to love, despite circumstances that are less than ideal, or the typical norm, is a brave and laudable action.

This is why, I do believe, that this idea of “crazy” has to be examined more. Something that we might call “crazy” shouldn’t be an excuse anymore for not doing it (with the exception of something that harms us). In fact, if anything, I think “crazy” could  become more or a flagged word, helping us to see that in fact it is exactly what must be done in order to lead a life more true to ourselves and our dreams.

The truth is that any venture – whether in love, career, body, life – that actually is going to make a difference, is going to be at least “kind -of crazy”. If it is crazy then it is something that we have not been doing before (almost guaranteeing a different result than what we have produced before). It also shows that there isa risk and all risk can be associated with some type of “crazy”. When there is no risk, Life seems to be less active, less engaging, less “meant-for us”.

That is why this is another toast – to the friends that have stood up and embraced the “crazy” and followed their love. It is a toast to their boldness, and the loyalty they have to what they are feeling. It is a toast to their courage as they took the steps towards their dream, no matter what others may say or think.

This is a toast to the love in all of us that is crazy. May it bring peace into your Soul and excitement into every day.