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Apprenticing Your Soul Work

As I sat in contemplation this evening, I was struck by a new-ish phenomenon – the seemingly rapid growth of the “coaching” industry. How cool is this! Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Career Coaches, Relationship Coaches, Writing Coaches – anything and everything – you can find someone to help. In my internal dialogue, I was wondering why – why now was there this push, this explosion? Why was it all of a sudden so accepted to hire someone to help you in any pursuit – most namely that which you have dreamed about since being a child?

The answer came quickly and clearly. We are at an exception time in history where culture has set up systems for us to be apprentices to our soul work. We accept, recognize and dare to pursue the call of our soul. So often, however, we have no idea where to start or how to get an organized, focused, and clear enough about what exactly our nebulous soul offering is.

Hence, you hire a coach.

Sometimes the money spent will be incentive enough to get clear and get busy. But often times we also need their direct, honest feedback. You need some sacred space to share the embryo of your dreams where they won’t crush it, but cradle it gently and firming while guiding you in how to continue to grow.  You can work with someone to refine your gift, your soul’s work and put it in a readable, understandable package and share it!

Coaching exists in such abundance now because the world is in need of more soul workers. We are actually at a place in the evolution of the planet, where we need to more quickly get to the purpose of our life. Our contribution to the world is needed beyond compare. Coaches help you get there.

So whether you are learning to love, learning to write, learning to market, learning to balance the demands of life there is a new army of teachers ready to help.

We all might feel the stigma of not wanting to ask for directions – especially when the journey is one of getting to your purpose, but let’s admit it – if you haven’t already achieved it, then you haven’t reached the destination. Why not stop and ask for help? Why not pick someone up for part of the journey who has taken that road before? Why not expedite your blossoming and contribution to us! We need you! You are part of the healing of lives and of the world. We all need teachers. We all need the enthusiastic, honest, demanding voice of a coach.

How blessed we are to live in a world that supports these coaches who pry from us the hidden words and dreams we struggle to even admit. They are teaching alchemy. They are healing the world.


Joy in Preparations

“Maintaining our joy in the midst of extensive preparations can be a challenge for anyone.”

I read this a moment ago in a beautiful cookbook that was a gift to my cousin and the line struck me. How funny that it is hard to find joy sometimes in preparation. Didn’t we choose to do this? Didn’t we have excitement when we started to plan the party, the day, the meal, the gifts, the event? Where did the joy go? How did it escape? And why? But perhaps the question is more about restoration. After stopping and realizing that the joy is no longer there, can we have a plan to invite it back in? Can we plug the hole that let the joy seep out and begin to be filled up again? I think what we can do is remember that it is ok to be joyous. It’s ok to not stress out. It’s ok to focus, do your best, and let go. It’s ok to be imperfect. It’s ok to stop and see the beauty around you and to find laughter in whatever your situation. All will get done. You have more than enough time. And joy, its there to swim in, even during the 11th hour of preparations.

Your Only Problem

You may think you have a myriad of problems, all unrelated, all weighing you down, bumming you out, holding you back.

Yet you only have one problem…

Your one problem is a lack of connection with the Divine.

You address this one problem, all others will fall away of their own weight.

Nurture, address, give time to this Solution. Seek the Light. Seek the Love. Be the Light. Be the Love.

You can seek the solution to this one problem in this very moment.

Sunday Procrastination Help….

Yea its Sunday! Yet in this season, with finals, or projects, or maybe just the overwhelming desire to be and do everything outside, there comes a weight on us too – the weight of procrastination.

I am writing about this, because, whoa! am I guilty of it this weekend! There has been three things I have been putting, putting, putting off and this makes me feel terrible! (I eat poorly! I berate myself! and I dilly daddle! What is that about?)

Here is one trick though, that I just used that was AMAZING! It helped me focus and get “it” done. (And really wasn’t painful at all)

1. Think of the task that you have been putting off (for me it was making a scavenger hunt – don’t ask!)

2. Then think realistically how long will that take (I suggest never doing it more than 45 minutes – we all need a break! If the task you are thinking of will take longer than 45 min. then break the task up. Study for one section/one chapter. Do the first part of the task. This alone will help with not feeling overwhelmed, which is usually the culprit of the procrastination in the first place.)

3. Take you phone and set a timer for that time.

4. Then, Do It!  Give yourself full permission to completely stop when the timer is up, but not until then. 

Chances are the momentum of just starting will push you to want to complete it!

God bless timers!