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Intention and Resolution Questions for 2013

Ever since I began a daily spiritual devotion I have gained greater clarity with each passing day and year. It is comforting to come to New Year’s Day with a peaceful heart and the ability to articulate clearly what I desire to contribute and be in the coming year and years. My goals are attainable but make me stretch. My vision is exciting. My plan to accomplish these things is enjoyable! I hope that you too enter into this year with excitement, passion and clarity!
My affirmation for myself and you is that this coming year is the best yet! That 2013 is filled with deeper love, greater growth, more abundance and joy in every day!

While we all have ways to establish our intentions for the coming year, below is an outline of questions that were sent to me and that I have found useful and enjoyable at this turning of the year. I hope you do too. I toast to you!

1. What do I truly value?
*My primary goal is:
*I want to be _________ kind of person
*How do I want to feel each day?
*What do I want to experience in this life?
*Where does love fit in to this picture for me?

2. Personal Mission Statement
*What is my goal for my daily practice?
*Share that goal with someone else.

3. How can I express myself and my goals in my life?


Dream Watchers…

I really like Weight Watchers. I have been to a few meetings with friends and thought that I found a little enclave of camp in the real world. They cheered for each other! They encouraged each other. They went and faced the truth every week. They set clear and definable goals and were rewarded for them! I remember the first meeting I went to when everyone erupted in applause because a woman ate a carrot instead of birthday cake! They cheered for carrots! I love cheering for vegetables! I was in!

Yet, as time passed, I quickly realized that as much as I  loved the encouragement and joviality of the group, it wasn’t aligned with my health ideals (I just couldn’t agree that it was “healthy” to cook a box cake with diet coke….). Yet I often think how wonderful it would be to have such groups about other things, not just weight. Why can’t we form groups around different goals too? Why can’t we all get that excited for each other’s little decisions that mean real growth in the direction of our dreams?

It is my hope to form such a group, yet, until then, I write about weight watchers because there was one thing in particular that I did take away from it and am applying right now. Like any long term goal that is changing habits, Weight Watchers was very good about encouraging each other not to stop completely because they took a break. They spoke openly about how we all “get off track” and that there were certain things to do to get back on track. 

I think of this today because it has been a while since I have written on this blog and I am faced with the uncertainty, the self-abuse, the internal dialogue  that berates me for neglecting it (the voice even hinted to me to stop!) It is funny to observe this. It is even funnier that it makes me think of a meeting where people are cheering because  I have chosen to quiet that voice and take the humble road back on track to doing what I feel good about.

It is interesting to me that we tend to push aside so often that which really means the most to us – we push aside what we find is our calling. This could be our health like in those Weight Watcher meetings, it could be writing for me now or  making the calls for business and success. Perhaps we do this because this calling is a part of us and we know it will always be there, even if it’s not being expressed. Yet I can assure you that we all can very easily deny our true selves -our highest selves  and the daily actions that bring us to that place of happiness and greatest contribution.

But we have to get back! We have to go back to the meeting and shyly say that we have been off track, but are ready to come back. We have to forgive ourselves for not meeting our own standards or daily goals. We have to understand that Life has a reset button, even though our minds try to convince us that It doesn’t.

So what does this mean? It means that it is ok to veer away. Consider it the scenic route on a vacation. A detour to appreciate the daily path you have chosen. We don’t beat ourselves up for taking vacations. Why should we here? Everyday presents an opportunity to “get back on track”. The hardest part is simply taking the steps again towards the goal – even if you feel you have put yourself miles behind where you were. This is a time for us to recognized our humanity and embrace with celebration and love that we are not perfect! But we are strong – as proved by our decision to bring ourselves again on track towards our ideals.