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Bottled up joy

And so it begins. The excitement, the joy, the freshness of the season has arrived. Just when things are starting to look drab, when days are a bit cold, and daily routines taste a little stale it has come. I love this time. I love it because it starts with thanks and ends with love and in between is filled with movies about miracles and cookies and a twinge if not a bucketload of belief in the good of humanity. Its as if I have been given a Christmas gift early. Drops of joy that are bottled up and distributed adding a glisten to every moment. Its the excitement if seeing old friends, of giving and getting. Of photo cards coming into homes and a recognition of each other as siblings. More candles are lit than other times and its more culturally acceptable to simply be happy. Yes. It’s all wrapped up for us again this year in the rituals, the songs, the lights. And it all makes me overwhelmed with gratitude that seeps out in tears and makes me fall to the ground in worship of this Life. My blessings this Thanksgiving are too abundant to count. But I know just like looking at clear winter sky studding with more stars than can be counted that its not about a quantitative measure but our submission and awe as we recognize that we are a part of and able to enjoy such majesty.

Happy Thoughts

Writing and reading by candlelight

The anticipation of glittery Christmas Parties

Pumpkins as decorations on desks

To do lists on white boards

Always having colored pencils nearby – just in case

Morning Chai Tea

Tall skinny water bottles

Offering someone who is always upset a cup of tea

Growing up

The physical manifestations of our emotional problems


Living in clean spaces

Creamy- Creamless Tomato Soup

Morning skyscapes

Listening to your intuition

Doing what has to be done, with a smile

Being fearless when everything is on the line

Parts of life being like a spa

Diving deeper into yourself

Always going the extra mile

Letting go

Holding on

Dreaming big

“One step at a time”

Welcoming winter with blankets and warm drinks

Finding the things you left in your winter coat pocket from last year.

Simple kettlebell exercises

Routines and rituals

The ease of eating out

Being almost there

Imagining two months from now – what will you be occupied with then?

Reverse Warrior

Aligning your heart and your mind.

Using smart phones to their full capacity


Face your Dragon

The lesson will continue to come, perhaps in slightly different forms, until you learn it.

Life is no different from some systems we have set up in school. You must learn one thing, and successfully grasp it, before advancing to the next level.

Look at the hardships of your life right now. Is there something similar to them? Is there a staleness and helplessness to them because you feel you have been dealing with it for some time?

Rejoice in this. Give it all your attention in meditation. Sit quietly and bravely approach that which you have yet to deal with. Allow yourself to let go of the resistance you have put up until now, and ask for the answer, ask for the change to happen within you.

I imagine you will be called to do what is the hardest thing you can imagine.

Breathe deeply. Go forward. Life is calling you to greater things.

Slay this dragon that has been challenging you for too long.

Be rid of it forever. Boldly walk up to the problem, committed in your heart, to do what needs to be done, both gently and with force, to learn your lesson and master this phase of your life.