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Intention and Resolution Questions for 2013

Ever since I began a daily spiritual devotion I have gained greater clarity with each passing day and year. It is comforting to come to New Year’s Day with a peaceful heart and the ability to articulate clearly what I desire to contribute and be in the coming year and years. My goals are attainable but make me stretch. My vision is exciting. My plan to accomplish these things is enjoyable! I hope that you too enter into this year with excitement, passion and clarity!
My affirmation for myself and you is that this coming year is the best yet! That 2013 is filled with deeper love, greater growth, more abundance and joy in every day!

While we all have ways to establish our intentions for the coming year, below is an outline of questions that were sent to me and that I have found useful and enjoyable at this turning of the year. I hope you do too. I toast to you!

1. What do I truly value?
*My primary goal is:
*I want to be _________ kind of person
*How do I want to feel each day?
*What do I want to experience in this life?
*Where does love fit in to this picture for me?

2. Personal Mission Statement
*What is my goal for my daily practice?
*Share that goal with someone else.

3. How can I express myself and my goals in my life?

It’s riskier to be yourself but it’s the only way you’ll win

The truth is that the only chance you have at winning anything- especially the the desires of your heart- is by being fully and totally yourself. The gift you can give to the world is a gift because no one else can bring it to creation. Its development, its birth, its distribution is dependent upon nothing but you being you.
The hiccup in this overly simple process is that for you to be you is actually one of the riskiest things we feel we can do. The ego argues that if we are fully ourselves and the world rejects it then we are worthless. It even goes to the extreme of having us think of the death of our dreams and inspiration. It’s ironic that the ego’s argument involves us hoarding our greatest gifts, instead of sharing them. Yet the reality is, as we have discussed before, that the only chance of something surviving and thriving is giving it away. While the ego argues the risks of giving ourselves completely, while it whispers strongly that vulnerability is weakness, Life knows the Truth which is directly opposite. If you aren’t fully yourself, if your gifts to the world aren’t all that you are, then the gifts back from Life won’t be exact matches for your soul. Life gives in direct proportion to your own giving. The risk is not found in being and sharing ourselves fully. The risk lies in not doing so.


I Believe the Unbelievable


I believe the unbelievable, not because it’s wishful, but because it’s spiritual truth. If we depend upon our own minds too much then there is no room for God to come in and adjust our limited perspectives. We do not know everything. We cannot see everything and must acknowledge our limits and depend on the All-Knowing to alter us, surprise and and leave us in awe. I repeat to myself, “I believe the unbelievable” because it is my invitation to God to show me His presence and power in days when I trust too much on the things I see around me. I believe the unbelievable because I believe in God and I believe in Life and its endless and boundless abilities and Forms. I believe the unbelievable because I am honest and believe in the Truth.

Millionaires of Life


We so often pray for wealth, but what is it really that we are asking for. Security? Love? Significance? Ease? Exactly what is it that wealth represents to you?

What if instead of wealth we asked to be massively contributive to the lives of others? What is instead of asking for dollars, we asked for skills, love, compassion and understanding to be used in the service of others? What if wealth was measured by the value we add to other’s lives? What if this was our focus- to add wealth in the forms of security, love, significance, adventure, ease and peace to all those we meet everyday? Would we not be millionaires of the Life?

Golden Thread

Today I follow the Golden Thread within me and before me. The delicate yet indestructible ribbon that thinly flows from my soul outward. The One Path to follow. The unique Life designed exactly for me. Today I surrender the other choices, which really are no choices at all, that crowd the sidelines of the Thread. I see only the glowing light unravel before me, wrap itself around my heart of hearts and pull me gently into the sphere of love that is our promised perfection. My feet balance as I step onto the Golden Path and my hands wrap around it as I bow down, then somersault my way forward propelled by joy and supported by the invisible field of the Golden Thread that will never let me stumble.

20% Days!

There is a successful business practice that allows you to take 1/5 (or 20%) of your time to pursue what you want to pursue. This is complete and total autonomy, except for one typically requirements –  to show what project you worked on in a meeting later (yet even the meeting later might be fun perhaps serving cake and beer!). Other than that it is you, creating.

This is a beautiful thing.

What they have found that this 20% time is actually vital to the production and advancement of companies – and it makes employees happy!

I am not one to learn something and not try it out in my own life. Miraculously, in the past few weeks, I have allowed myself a “20% day” (usually on these glorious Wednesdays) and it has proven to be tremendously useful in producing not only results at work, but within my own positive psychology. No one (before this post) knew I was taking it. I still showed up to work. I still answered emails and attacked what was absolutely necessary, but… if something came up, if I wanted to look into something, if lunch lingered longer… This is my 20% day! Pursue it!

What I have found is twofold.

1. I still get just as much done at work, except am able to “check” the stress at the door, since I don’t actually have to “do” anything (I have two more days to pursue that later).

2. Life supports this! What do I mean by that? In the past few weeks, as I have approached my Wednesday as a 20% day amazingly fun things have come my way – sushi making (“makin’ maki!”) parties come to my office  or free health screenings are given where I get to discuss and perform tests I would have done in my free time anyway.

What I find is that I am happy. I get through this transitional day pleased since I have given myself permission to do and be as I hope, not as I am expected to be. This is incredibly freeing and productive.

So can you take a 20% day (or perhaps apply it to 1/5 of your workday if you don’t want to take a whole day)? Can you give yourself permission to be “on” but “off” for a certain allotted amount of time? Can you pursue what you want to pursue joyously, without the restraints of guilt?

I hope so!

“Vision Juicy Cheeseburger”

I know. A blog by a non-meat eater that is entitled “Vision Juicy Cheeseburger” is quite odd. But here is the story.

Walking home from work yesterday was a “street man” (a term he used himself) and instead of a sign that said something like “Will work for food” or “Hungry Please Help” like I have seen before, his said “Vision Juicy Cheeseburger”.

While not getting into the politics of whether or not to support someone on the street with a sign – I undoubtedly chose to give this man some cash. Why? Because he had a vision. He was speaking my language.

I liked the directness of his sign. It was blunt, yet entertaining. It was real. It took the guesswork out of what he was going to do with the money (supposedly). Yet most importantly, I can’t help but identify with him.

How many times have I written down my “vision”. What is the difference between my vision boards, vision lists, etc, that I give up to Life and God, and this man’s sign. In fact, I view him as stronger than me. He can boldly state his vision right in front of himself, in a very visible, public place.

I gave to that man because I can’t but help to feel too I am a consistent “beggar” of the Universe. Asking for more, refining what I want, claiming a vision. Writing it down has always been the first step, and he did just that. And Lord knows, that none of my visions came true without His hand directing others to help fulfill them.

St. Francis prayed, “Make me an instrument of Thy peace”, which can be translated as, “make me a vessel to help fulfil others desires”. What an honor it was to help fulfill a vision. I am just sorry it took such a sign to get my attention.

Lord, bless that man, and everyone else, who’s vision it is to have a “juicy” meal. Thank you for the perspective, and the responsibility to help others in need, without judgment, but simply because they asked. Amen.

This right now is perfect


Today was my second day at a brand new job. The day went by quickly and I found myself again and again thinking how lucky I am that my job involves doing things I really love. I spent time researching creativity outlets and programs, brainstorming courses talented youth can take and organizing my thoughts about growth and contribution. I did this surrounded by supportive, encouraging and brilliant people who have more than generously welcomed me into their lives and space.


I realize this does not always happen.



But I can’t help but think, time and again, as they mention something that I have just thought of, or as I observe the deep peace and gentle excitement I have about working there that I am in the perfect place.


I have a sense of arriving. While at the same time, there is also a sense of just beginning. It is as if I have to accept my childhood role of learner again and not walk into any situation with the pretense that I know it all – or even a slight bit. I am there to learn, to contribute, to serve, to think.


The truth is, though, that it is not just that I feel this job is so perfect, as if it was literally created for me and my heartfelt desires, but I feel now I can see how everything leading up to it is perfect too. I can see the forest, and how every stop, every action, everything I learned, was training me for this job. Back when I was frustrated, or felt I wasn’t doing the right thing, or in the right place, the truth, as it appears, is that it actually was perfect.


So I offer this up to you to think about and accept. I also write it so that one day in the future, when I feel frustration with circumstances, I am reminded of the fact that all situations are perfect to bring me and  train me for my ideal. As I have declared in affirmations repetitively, I know more fully the truth that “All conditions are permanently perfect to bring me to my highest good.” Yes. The pain, the annoyance, the frustration, the hurt, along with the joy, the ease, the funny, the good are all conditions that serve us to become better servants and contributors to others and the world.

So keep this in mind, right now, everything around you, everything within you, all conditions you experience are exactly what you need to be your best, to give your greatest gifts.








Sacred Carriers of Your Gifts..

The most remarkable thing happened to me this time last year.

After a challenging year at work and in my personal life, I had made the commitment to “refresh” myself. I was in such a lost state that I literally could only think one step ahead in regards to how I could change my then current condition. Like an injured Katniss in the Hunger Games, I was moving from one tree to the next, not thinking big picture.  “Where and when have I been happiest?”. From here, I thought, “Ok, camp was a place where I have felt my best. Happier beyond compare to any other environment.” Next though- ” Ask if you can come back.”

Limping, emotionally, from the battle wounds of work and this “lost nature” I had adapted to, I was lucky enough to be embraced back into the fold of camp.

Slowly, but surely, as the IV of camp meals, songs, and old friends revived my spirit back to what it had been, I began to heal.

But this is not the remarkable thing I hope to talk about today. The remarkable thing was that not only did the environment contain me safely in its sunscreened boundaries, but the place actually had to offer me back sacred bits of myself.

I had come to a cabin one night on an errand of the nurses, and I waited outside while the counselor finished a devotion. I could hear through the screendoor her words and instruction and then the giggles and gleaming from the children. When I heard the details my knees started to give out and I slumped down with my back against the door of the cabin.

She was doing the devotion I had thought of and brought to camp 6 years before. I had completely forgotten about it. I had forgotten the message and the heart of it. It was my message and my heart. It was a missing piece of my soul that unknowingly I entrusted into the folds of camp and the spirit of the people. Little did I know that years later, when I needed to find and bind that part of myself back into me, it would be here, graciously given in miraculous ways.

A couple of weeks later, the same thing happened, with a different ritual I had done with the girls when I was there. Again, something within me was restored. It was the message I was seeking. It was a part of myself I had forgotten.

For the first time in my life I understood fully the meaning of getting what you give.

Here, over years, over change, over hundreds of campers, the things I had given, the parts of myself that I had fully expressed enthusiastically and with the most genuine love, were graciously bestowed upon my forgotten self.

I realized in these moments that to give anything, especially the truest parts of yourself, is the only way, the only guarantee, of it surviving, and of your enjoyment of it again.

We often think of “you get what you give”  in material ways, but what of the spirit within you? There will be times when you lose it. These will be the dark days, the days of feeling lost. But if you gave your Spirit, your greatest self to anything or anyone before, these sacred carriers will come back onto your path h to share the forgotten messages and pieces of your soul that you seemed to have lost.

Redefining the Cookie Cutter

I love this idea. I heard it yesterday when I was listening to a lecture given by Marianne Williamson and I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

The idea involves a new metaphor with a “cookie cutter”. Unfortunately, to creative types like me, usually the metaphor of a “cookie cutter” is negative. It is a focus on being the same, like cookie-cutter houses and jobs and outfits. Yet Marianne redefined this for me in a very useful way. Her definition and use of the “cookie cutter’ fits more with my understanding of how we are.

You see, to me before a “cookie cutter” type of person was someone who didn’t get to choose or design the shape of what they were. They had been simply punched down and molded into a shape, taking away the extra bits of themselves that didn’t fit into the mold. In this metaphor there is no space for growth or creativity.

Yet here is the trick. The stuff you are made of is not like cookie dough- it is more like pancake batter.

When you want to make pancakes unique, special and individual, you choose a cookie cutter and put it on the pan then you pour in a little bit of batter into the center of the shape. This little bit of batter is you, your true self. The cookie cutter is the new definition, a larger, more Divine space that you will inhabit. You see  batter spills out from its center. It fills the space and bakes and rises into that new shape.

Marianne was speaking of moving into the space you want to inhabit, the self you want to be. She spoke of moving into the power, the job, the presence that you are asking for. We have all heard this before, yet it is the cookie cutter symbol that made this complete for me yesterday. It makes sense that you bring that little bit of true self to a new definition of who you know you are meant to be, the greatest image of yourself, and you enter into that sacred space. You allow yourself to fill the shape from your center. Then overtime that is who you are – a special, unique surprise in your own chosen shape that can nourish other people.