Happy Thoughts

by elizabethbrantley

Organizing taking your stress level from a 9 to a 3.
Dr. Bronners soap
Silver infused toothbrushes
Having a dog in a work meeting
Clinique Happy
Loving your job
Suddenly seeing how much more is being given to you
Counting your blessings as a meditation to help go into sleep
A dream where you are living your ideal future
Being authentic in all business you do
Making up words to get out of a funky mood
Talking to a best friend after weeks of silence
The perfect gift for someone
The West Wing
Picking up the book someone gave you at the exactly right time for your life
Picking three things to focus on and do every day
Being a night owl
Seahorses and how the male is pregnant
Right on fortune cookie wisdom
Taking nature breaks
Trusting and knowing you are exactly where you are meant to be
Going for it
Waves of unexpected love for those you are with