True Delight in Others Success

by elizabethbrantley

Today was a great day! The day stands out among the rest because there were multiple huge successes for people I know and care about. I had chills at the perfection of the day. Most of all, I had the best time celebrating the good fortune of others.
It’s hard to describe the sense of pure joy you get when you are truly excited for someone. You jump and scream and congratulate and are left humming, knowing that the good that transpired today will change their future forever in wonderful ways. For the first time in a while I felt that these successes were truly my own as well. I was just as excited, if not more, to hear the news.
This I am starting to understand is the true meaning of delighting in others. It’s days like today when I know we are all one. Their joy is my joy! What a wonderful way to live.