Distance for Peace

by elizabethbrantley

Have you ever had a week that so busy you didn’t know you could do so much? A week where at the end you try to catch your breath after the sprint, to find yourself running, not knowing how to stop. The holidays can do this. End of the year reports and things to complete. Exams. Gifting. Parties. Decorating. Travel. It’s all very wonderful, but it is also all very condensed. I can feel this in my mind. It’s like the space that used to be in there that allowed me to come and visit, play, dance in its expanse had been taken over by a “to do list”. There is nothing wrong with lists. I Love them! But there is something amiss when the list controls me, not me the list. It’s a very fine line of what motivates me. “Having” to do something makes a task, or even the season, taste bitter. Yet pausing. Breathing. Looking at the lights that fill the trees and my life can reset me and you. I realize that the God who designed so perfectly entire universes can put into perfect orbit your life, no matter how many planets you have surrounding you. (A perfect analogy to go replace “juggling”.) Yet we must look closely at God’s design. Integral, yet commonly missed, is a key ingredient in all perfection and nature – from astronomy to quantum physics to one’s cells. They all must have space. Electrons can do their job because they are in a different orbit. The Earth has its seasons and perfect elements for life because of our distance from the sun. So may we all remember at the time of our life and of the year to maintain the distance and honor the holy whose forces keep everything moving and in its place.