Happy Thoughts

by elizabethbrantley


Wrestling with an angel


Accepting that you’re not there yet


Running during your lunch break


Seeing the end of a long stretch of work




The tradition of live nativity scenes


Having to trust in God


Being divided as you grow another business


Accepting this


Sneaking yoga under yellow-leaved tress


Embracing Social Media


A deep clean to your office


A deep clean to your most recent proposal


Getting a handle on things


The sound of a chime calming you instantly


Reading a funny book


Old barns among pastures


Just keep moving forward


How life can take on different hues with different mindsets


Riding the roller coaster of emotions


Your favorite piece of jewelry


New, crisp business cards


When you put the dream away and start getting dirty working


Actually kissing the ground and smelling the earth


Daily exercises




The science behind motivation


Examining yourself


Leading with your heart


Falling in love


Everyone being your teacher


Not always being happy


Dressing up to fly


Who knows where we’ll be in five years


The depth that is before you


The meditation of scuba diving


Stopping my avoidance of pain and bracing myself for it


Dancing and singing at the top of your lungs


Summer Camp


Being Chaplain of a sorority


Joy being a catch-word of the season

You, a friend in life and over the page