The Compliment Coat

by elizabethbrantley

Its fascinating to me how many compliments I get on my winter coat. Drew and I finally made a game out of it since often complete strangers would comment on it. I am very grateful for the compliments, but its laughable too. As I have brought it out this year I am refreshed by the compliments. But not at all for a boost of my ego, but because each one is a reminder of God.
You see I had nothing to do with getting this coat. It’s safe to say all that I have done to get this coat was that I was born. This long pea coat came to me in remarkable ways – through my friend, through my sister, then me. I didn’t ask for it, but I graciously accepted. This burnt orange coat lay dormant in a woman’s closet for an entire year, never worn once, waiting, I suspect, for me. It fits perfectly. I feel great in it. And I keeps me warm for an entire Georgia winter.
So what? Why take time to write or read about a coat? Because it is a physical manifestation of Divinity. This is how Life with God works. You have done the work already. You have been born. These perfect things that match you ideally are waiting for you and coming to you through channels unknown and unconventional. The coat is no different than your true love, your perfect career, your abundant perspective, your best friend. They are all waiting in the wings of your life excited to join with you. And every time they do the world will shower you with compliments because you glow when you are joined with the Divine. But you will know that it’s not you they are complimenting, it’s Him. So you smile and say thank you and then run back to God to laugh about the Power, Playfulness and Presence he has in your days.