Happy Thoughts

by elizabethbrantley

The clicks of fast typing

Opera station on Pandora


Parents getting into technology

Fresh Expo markers

Feeling prepared

Realizing stress is a choice

Learning how to choose what you want to feel

A comfortable and cozy bed

Norwex cloths

Clean spaces

Organizing all your files

Hearing from an old friend

Consciously focusing on joy

Moving into the space you want to inhabit

Joy at being alive

Little figurines of yoga poses

A mirror by your desk to help you affirm yourself

21 Day Meditation challenges from the Chopra Center

Creating rituals around the things you need to do every day

The rhythm of the seasons

Vanilla Spiced Chai Tea

Finishing a Program

“Yea, I’m pretty great”

Moving furniture around to create a new feel

Accepting and feeling your personal power

Stopping to be in awe of how it all has worked out for the best

The anticipation of the holidays

Asking God to dress you

The thought of going back to school

Dreams of future yoga studios

Visions that you have of yourself

The back and forth of living and seeking peace

Helping other people

Friends who you can speak about the Divine with

Honoring the goddess that lives within

Random hidden dancing to get you out of a funk

Getting things done

Setting a time for time that you don’t have to do anything

How a lesson will keep presenting itself until you get it.

Music that brings you into the state

Being in the presence of a master