Life Has A Crush On You

Falling in love with Life one day at a time…

Month: October, 2012

Your greatest weapon against stress

Next time you feel stress, realize the choices you have.

The only thing that is forever in our control is how we react to things, and therefore the subsequent meanings we give things.

When things start to feel overwhelming. Stop. Breath. Recognize that you have the choice to proactively do something, instead of re-actively fret.

One of the best cures for stress is action. It doesn’t matter if you initially think the action you are taking is too small. Everyone can only eat, do, think, be so much at one time. Get the momentum going. This is not only the movement of accomplishment and completion, but the movement of proactively.

Being proactive is your greatest weapon. This will make all the difference.

Don’t dare use stress as an excuse to not do something. Never let it be your disability. Instead, make it the fire that burns away all that in unnecessary – including, perhaps most importantly, the stress itself.

May the overwhelming situation be a Divinely Ordained lesson designed for you to claim your own power and to put that into action.

Death be not proud

Life, true Life, the kind that overflows with love, that bubbles up hilarious laughter, and deepest sympathy. Life that emanates out of every pore on one’s body, and leaves its reminiscent scent of joy on others, cannot be threatened by death.

I did not know this until this past weekend. Until now, on account of my love affair with Life, I have feared death. Viewing death like a thief that could come in a snatch away all that I hold so dear that I can’t imagine breathing or living without it. Yet I was wrong.

Death is not the opposite of Life. Death is not the end of Life. While it is a separation of someone we love into the unknown, it is also their birth into greater Life. Their presence and energy, freed from their body can now be with us everywhere and at all times. Their omnipresent self is omniscient as well, their wisdom is yours to enjoy. Their humor still surrounds you.

While death of someone you love is one of the deepest griefs we may ever know, it is comforting for me, as I am still new in my relationship to Life, to know that Life lives even in death. Love knows no bounds. This includes the bounds of mortal bodies. Life does not limit itself to such needs as a body. Oh no, it surrounds us and embraces us in every form available. Death cannot take those who are in love with Life. For their Life is bigger than any mortal body and continues to ripple and affect hundreds, if not thousands, or millions, even after their body is gone.

Life as yoga

Choose to be here.

Let go of all distractions, obligations, past and future. Choose to be here now.

Roll out your mat.

Claim your space. You don’t need much but you need your own. This becomes your holy ground and your battle field.

Bring your warrior and your goddess.

You are not limited to any one pose in life or in practice. Embrace each one where you are. Notice resistance and find opportunities for patience.


This is your daily communion with life. Take in the sacred breath and recognize that it is you literally and figuratively.

Stretch body and mind.

Go beyond where you were before you stepped into your space. Face the mind wandering and gently lead yourself back to your center.

Be joy.

After conquering the thoughts, the tightness, the emotions, allow the joys to course through your every cell.

Feel on the Divine.

It was here in this exact space the entire time.

Roll up your mat.

Clean up your space. Take the new and refreshed with you.

Happy Thoughts

Friday evening road trips

A cup of coffee outside in a coat

When your favorite song comes on the radio on a pretty day

Being lazy on a rainy Sunday

Friends who bring boats to social gatherings

Getting organized in your mind and work

Being kissed randomly


Sparkly toenail polish

Looking at pictures of fun times to get out of a bad mood

A cup of coffee at 3:00pm

Drinking water out of mason jars

A bouquet of colored pencils always by your desk

Feeling comfortable as a minority of one

Accepting and forgiving your own mistakes

Loving the work you do

Playfulness coming out with the night

Pandora Radio

Having everything that you need

Being ok with getting things done early

Peace in the midst of hardship

Joy in the midst of grief

The truth of Spirit

Diamond rings

Friday afternoons

Winding roads with trees of all different colors

The promise of laughter

Baby names for each other as a joke that turn into reality

Fresh vegetables for dinner

Getting back into the swing of things

Not beating yourself up because you haven’t, but choosing to start again now

Laser printers

Prior planning


Singing Christmas carols out of season

A new season on Pinterest

Surrounding yourself with friends who get you and love you

Knowing it is all perfect, even if this would never be your plan

Taking deep breaths before speaking in public

Stump Speeches

Falling in love with Life