How to STICKK to a pesky goal

by elizabethbrantley

Tonight I am going to share one particular website that I think is brilliant because it truly has the ability to hold you to a goal (or many) that you set for yourself.

What’s the site?

What does it do? It holds you accountable and charges you when you don’t reach a goal! Yes, I mean it. It charges your debit/credit card if you don’t report that you have done it, or a friend reports that you have fallen off the band wagon. Want more motivate to do what you have set out to do? If you don’t do it, then in addition to charging you it has the ability to send an email to all of your friends to say that you have failed to meet your goal this week. Ouch! Double Ouch!

Why is this so brilliant? If you are like me, you are much more loss-averse than inspired by the future gains with some things. While some things I have been able to change myself with motivation and commitment, this is the tool to use when you know something has to change, but you are going to go kicking and screaming into it.

I could tell you more about how it works, but I am going to leave it at that. Go to it. Sign up. Put some money on the line! This is your future we are talking about and a commitment for you to be your best self.