Accumulate Pages, Not Judgments

by elizabethbrantley

I read  “accumulate pages, not judgments” on Sunday in The Artist’s Way and am still thinking about it. What a brilliant idea, so simply put. 

As I wrote yesterday the first few pages of a new proposal for a book I have been thinking about for some time, I faced the fear that comes whenever words finally appear in front of you. Judgments started to fly, self-deprecating thoughts slashed at the pages. Yet a simple awareness of my judging was present. I was committing to writing, not to being perfect. I began the journey of accumulating pages under one particular topic, not of doubting myself or the words.

In my experience, it is such an act of faith to proceed forward toward the completion of your dreams, since your mind, in its authoritative tone, gallantly strides in to hinder any progress.

While it sounds crazy, I think this is why I like reading poorly written books sometimes. If someone wrote that, why can’t I? There is really not a prerequisite that a book needs to be well written (although this is usually greatly appreciated). Nor is there any prerequisite for what it has to be. If someone wrote, what I would consider “bad”, had an editor and then a publisher like it, and then other people, then, really, who am I to judge?

While my life project is writing, you might have another one. It may be health or love, or music or business. This post is to encourage you to pursue it, one step at a time, and accumulate the small things that make the whole of your greatest contribution. You are in the business of gathering these small steps and pieces of your dream, not judgments. Trust in Life that it will work through you. It will supply you with the right material, words, ideas. But you need to show up to work. You need to put pen to paper, as much as possible, since that is how we all accumulate – little by little, day by day, through the muck of our own judgments we choose to leave behind.