“Vision Juicy Cheeseburger”

by elizabethbrantley

I know. A blog by a non-meat eater that is entitled “Vision Juicy Cheeseburger” is quite odd. But here is the story.

Walking home from work yesterday was a “street man” (a term he used himself) and instead of a sign that said something like “Will work for food” or “Hungry Please Help” like I have seen before, his said “Vision Juicy Cheeseburger”.

While not getting into the politics of whether or not to support someone on the street with a sign – I undoubtedly chose to give this man some cash. Why? Because he had a vision. He was speaking my language.

I liked the directness of his sign. It was blunt, yet entertaining. It was real. It took the guesswork out of what he was going to do with the money (supposedly). Yet most importantly, I can’t help but identify with him.

How many times have I written down my “vision”. What is the difference between my vision boards, vision lists, etc, that I give up to Life and God, and this man’s sign. In fact, I view him as stronger than me. He can boldly state his vision right in front of himself, in a very visible, public place.

I gave to that man because I can’t but help to feel too I am a consistent “beggar” of the Universe. Asking for more, refining what I want, claiming a vision. Writing it down has always been the first step, and he did just that. And Lord knows, that none of my visions came true without His hand directing others to help fulfill them.

St. Francis prayed, “Make me an instrument of Thy peace”, which can be translated as, “make me a vessel to help fulfil others desires”. What an honor it was to help fulfill a vision. I am just sorry it took such a sign to get my attention.

Lord, bless that man, and everyone else, who’s vision it is to have a “juicy” meal. Thank you for the perspective, and the responsibility to help others in need, without judgment, but simply because they asked. Amen.