Death be not proud

by elizabethbrantley

Life, true Life, the kind that overflows with love, that bubbles up hilarious laughter, and deepest sympathy. Life that emanates out of every pore on one’s body, and leaves its reminiscent scent of joy on others, cannot be threatened by death.

I did not know this until this past weekend. Until now, on account of my love affair with Life, I have feared death. Viewing death like a thief that could come in a snatch away all that I hold so dear that I can’t imagine breathing or living without it. Yet I was wrong.

Death is not the opposite of Life. Death is not the end of Life. While it is a separation of someone we love into the unknown, it is also their birth into greater Life. Their presence and energy, freed from their body can now be with us everywhere and at all times. Their omnipresent self is omniscient as well, their wisdom is yours to enjoy. Their humor still surrounds you.

While death of someone you love is one of the deepest griefs we may ever know, it is comforting for me, as I am still new in my relationship to Life, to know that Life lives even in death. Love knows no bounds. This includes the bounds of mortal bodies. Life does not limit itself to such needs as a body. Oh no, it surrounds us and embraces us in every form available. Death cannot take those who are in love with Life. For their Life is bigger than any mortal body and continues to ripple and affect hundreds, if not thousands, or millions, even after their body is gone.