Life as yoga

by elizabethbrantley

Choose to be here.

Let go of all distractions, obligations, past and future. Choose to be here now.

Roll out your mat.

Claim your space. You don’t need much but you need your own. This becomes your holy ground and your battle field.

Bring your warrior and your goddess.

You are not limited to any one pose in life or in practice. Embrace each one where you are. Notice resistance and find opportunities for patience.


This is your daily communion with life. Take in the sacred breath and recognize that it is you literally and figuratively.

Stretch body and mind.

Go beyond where you were before you stepped into your space. Face the mind wandering and gently lead yourself back to your center.

Be joy.

After conquering the thoughts, the tightness, the emotions, allow the joys to course through your every cell.

Feel on the Divine.

It was here in this exact space the entire time.

Roll up your mat.

Clean up your space. Take the new and refreshed with you.