Live Unapologetically

by elizabethbrantley

I just got off a very inspirational phone call. One thing that the woman I was talking to helped me to realize was this idea of always saying sorry. It made me wonder – how, why and when do I live with apologies.

It’s as if I feel I am burdening others by allowing my emotions to flow. By asking more questions. By asking for help. Even by being in the way when someone else is in a rush.

Should we apologize that we are the way we are? Does our apology point to an idea that we think we should have a different standard of ourselves? a different idea of how we should act, or who we should be? Is that a realistic healthy standard?

I think there comes a time of true acceptance. At this time you can stand strong in not only your expressions, but your needs and your desires. You aren’t whining, or putting up a fit, but you are graciously accepting what is and perhaps seeking change or comfort. Is there anything wrong with that?

I am going to look out for this and I encourage you to too. When is a time you feel you have to say sorry just for your existence or the way you are acting. Does it really call for an apology?