What does fall taste like?

by elizabethbrantley

Fall tastes like the silence of the air conditioner and the breeze coming through the screens.

It tastes like candy corn and hay that gets stuck in your jeans.

Fall tastes like an invitation to come into yourself just a bit more, a preparation to hibernate that can be taken as sadness.

Fall tastes like darker mornings and earlier nights.

It tastes like a deep sign of the earth that the intense summer has let up and allowed some cooler presence.

Fall tastes like change.

It tastes like bulky cableknit sweaters and leggings that hug your body.

It tastes like larger, harder squashes, and pumpkin that infiltrates everyday foods like muffins, cookies and cakes.

It tastes like a goodbye to brilliant colors of summer found in flowers and sheer bathing suit covers

Fall tastes like a welcome to browns in their many shades.

Fall tastes like textbooks that have lost their luster and are beginning to look worn.

It tastes like comfort and reflection.

Fall tastes new and different in a mouth so use to bubbly summer drinks with ice. But it tastes good.