Your Splendid Enough

by elizabethbrantley

Here is what I am learning.

Once you reach the mountain top, your mind starts to negate the accomplishment. It says you deserve more. You should have done more. It looks to greater mountains.

Once you get what you asked for. Within the week, the luster will die. You will be left wanting.

Once you have what you thought would make you happy, your happiness will flit and fly away again, and your mind will make up another story as to its cure.

The target isn’t the thing, the object, the love, the man, the job, the car, the food, the life. It is to look into the face of Desire and to tame it like the spoiled child it is.

It takes great strength and great effort to stop the voices in your head and heart that crave for more once you accomplish a level. It takes a loud and steady voice to say, “No. Now is not the time for that, even though it can and will be yours.”  It takes a warrior to ask for deep and dwelling peace and happiness right now, no matter what. It takes a ruler to insist and embrace the fact that in this moment your Life, exactly as it is with everything in it, is your splendid enough.