Life Dream Tip #1

by elizabethbrantley

So often we put pressure on ourselves to “have” to do something towards our greatest dream.

While I see that this personal pressure, this “shoulding” of ourselves makes it happen, the process of attempting to accomplish this dream seems longer and harder.

Instead, of that “pressure” time, where you are forcing yourself to get something done, might I suggest taking an hour to use and connect with yourself and your body.

Personally, I have found that if I practice yoga and meditation for an hour, making that my priority, my mind is so clear and so calm, that I easily can write, so that what I want to say is written within 10 minutes. Whereas, before, it would have taken me the whole hour to simply write something comparable.

Get to a place of joy where you can work with ease, delight, clarity and excitement and save yourself the struggle and the time of working from a place of need and frustration.