This right now is perfect

by elizabethbrantley


Today was my second day at a brand new job. The day went by quickly and I found myself again and again thinking how lucky I am that my job involves doing things I really love. I spent time researching creativity outlets and programs, brainstorming courses talented youth can take and organizing my thoughts about growth and contribution. I did this surrounded by supportive, encouraging and brilliant people who have more than generously welcomed me into their lives and space.


I realize this does not always happen.



But I can’t help but think, time and again, as they mention something that I have just thought of, or as I observe the deep peace and gentle excitement I have about working there that I am in the perfect place.


I have a sense of arriving. While at the same time, there is also a sense of just beginning. It is as if I have to accept my childhood role of learner again and not walk into any situation with the pretense that I know it all – or even a slight bit. I am there to learn, to contribute, to serve, to think.


The truth is, though, that it is not just that I feel this job is so perfect, as if it was literally created for me and my heartfelt desires, but I feel now I can see how everything leading up to it is perfect too. I can see the forest, and how every stop, every action, everything I learned, was training me for this job. Back when I was frustrated, or felt I wasn’t doing the right thing, or in the right place, the truth, as it appears, is that it actually was perfect.


So I offer this up to you to think about and accept. I also write it so that one day in the future, when I feel frustration with circumstances, I am reminded of the fact that all situations are perfect to bring me and  train me for my ideal. As I have declared in affirmations repetitively, I know more fully the truth that “All conditions are permanently perfect to bring me to my highest good.” Yes. The pain, the annoyance, the frustration, the hurt, along with the joy, the ease, the funny, the good are all conditions that serve us to become better servants and contributors to others and the world.

So keep this in mind, right now, everything around you, everything within you, all conditions you experience are exactly what you need to be your best, to give your greatest gifts.