Hours of Dark and Doubt

by elizabethbrantley

One New Year’s Day many moons ago I had to get up after a few fitful hours of sleep and drive 4 hours back home. I began my ride in the dark hours of 4 o’clock in the morning, leaving friends behind and a vacation that I had the privilege of joining for just a night.

The thing I remember most about that car ride was really the deep darkness I drove into. There came a point hours into the drive when I actually doubted if the sun would rise again. This amazed me.

How could I actually think, even question the rising of the sun? And wasn’t it amazing that I had lived so long never questioning it and never needing too.

I had heard the expression “it’s always darkest before dawn” but I didn’t realize the truth that came with it. There always seems to be a final push through the darkness before any change. The waiting to hear back about a job. The waiting for that special someone to call. And in this darkness somehow we even begin to question all that we know for sure – even the guarantee that the sun will rise again.

I don’t have an answer for the hours of doubt and dark. But I find it helpful to remember that while maybe the world and other people aren’t moving and doing what you think they should be doing, your answer is coming. Your change awaits you. The new day approaching even if escorted by the very opposite of what it appears to be is just beyond the horizon in front of you.