Redefining the Cookie Cutter

by elizabethbrantley

I love this idea. I heard it yesterday when I was listening to a lecture given by Marianne Williamson and I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

The idea involves a new metaphor with a “cookie cutter”. Unfortunately, to creative types like me, usually the metaphor of a “cookie cutter” is negative. It is a focus on being the same, like cookie-cutter houses and jobs and outfits. Yet Marianne redefined this for me in a very useful way. Her definition and use of the “cookie cutter’ fits more with my understanding of how we are.

You see, to me before a “cookie cutter” type of person was someone who didn’t get to choose or design the shape of what they were. They had been simply punched down and molded into a shape, taking away the extra bits of themselves that didn’t fit into the mold. In this metaphor there is no space for growth or creativity.

Yet here is the trick. The stuff you are made of is not like cookie dough- it is more like pancake batter.

When you want to make pancakes unique, special and individual, you choose a cookie cutter and put it on the pan then you pour in a little bit of batter into the center of the shape. This little bit of batter is you, your true self. The cookie cutter is the new definition, a larger, more Divine space that you will inhabit. You see  batter spills out from its center. It fills the space and bakes and rises into that new shape.

Marianne was speaking of moving into the space you want to inhabit, the self you want to be. She spoke of moving into the power, the job, the presence that you are asking for. We have all heard this before, yet it is the cookie cutter symbol that made this complete for me yesterday. It makes sense that you bring that little bit of true self to a new definition of who you know you are meant to be, the greatest image of yourself, and you enter into that sacred space. You allow yourself to fill the shape from your center. Then overtime that is who you are – a special, unique surprise in your own chosen shape that can nourish other people.