Happy Thoughts…

by elizabethbrantley

a perfect gift for a friend you love

recognizing that this is a step in the right direction

remembering just in time to pay that sneaky bill that you almost forgot about

the color yellow – in sunflowers, in saffron, in summer squash


living from your radiance

committing to small steps

basking in the time you have

ball jars

dirt under your fingernails at work because of gardening in the morning

a clean desk

“Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea – and joy to you and me!”

things to look forward too

veggie-heavy meals

your daily green juice

one page planners

seeing results


the feeling of putting loose papers in files, binders or the trash

playing everyday!

letting your hair down

puppy paws

getting beyond scarcity

recognizing and accepting the differences between you and your parents

the pace of cities

the meander of small towns

wearing a sweatshirt in the grocery store freezer aisles

having friends in local businesses you can joke around with

riding a bike to work

a phone being more up-to-date than your computer

dancing wildly

a day where you see everything as your choice

kissing envelopes for their journey through the mail

generous families

laughing until you cry

being physically exhausted

the cool hours of summer in the morning and night

the few hours a week where there is not a single dirty piece of laundry

Saturday Night Live Celebrity Jeopardy

knowing your strengths and working in them