One Pose at a Time…

by elizabethbrantley

For the past few weeks I feel that I haven’t gotten anything done – however, I feel busier than normal.

What is this about?

I think the source of this problem is the fact I haven’t been focused on one task at a time – rather I have been trying to squeeze them all in at the same time!

My “multi-tasking” is not working for me.

Before this I was in bliss, feeling focused, steady and consistently moving while not stressed. This stark contrast of different ways of being has made me think why this might be. I believe this blissful and productive state was due to what I learned in yoga.

Unlike what you may think, it wasn’t the peaceful and strenuous 2 hours of yoga I was doing daily (although that can only help), the practice of yoga taught me how to do one thing at a time.

You see during a class, or a practice, there is only one pose to do at every moment. This doesn’t mean that you don’t move in and out of different poses, yet your focus, your drishti, is in one place.

This didn’t just bring me into the moment, it opened up time for me. While at first I felt I might be focusing too long on one pose/ one thing, I would soon come to realize and live the fact that there was actually more time to do everything if my mind wasn’t racing from one thing to the next, if I gave what was in front of me my full attention.

I don’t know how or why this works, but this was the message I was meant to remember and practice today. While at first I felt there were so many “balls in the air” and I was trying to strategize how to do multiple things at once, it wasn’t until I remembered to focus on one at a time when the tasks actually become complete and I had more than enough time to do everything!

So tomorrow, tonight, a week from now, I hope that this post can serve as a reminder to stop and focus on one pose, one task, one thing at a time, despite how awkward or counterintuitive that may seem at first. This is when you find flow. This is when Life comes up behind you to support you and carry you gently into peace.