Happy Thoughts

by elizabethbrantley

afternoon thunderstorms in the summer

being excited when you wake up

making a new friend

having an “event”

seeing yourself in a new light


blue and white bedrooms

not being able to get enough of someone

healthy ways to feel significant

“reduced- guilt”

drops of lavender essential oil in a shower

a two-seater

beach cruisers

being honest

sleeping in a sleeping bag

a can of beans cooked over a campfire

acoustic guitar players in your neighborhood

recognizing the brilliance of your day

feeling beautiful

silk robes

making your home into a spa

eating only vegetables for dinner

learning something new that is useful

being tan

using fine china and silver silverware everyday

playful dogs

having hope

someone greeting you excitedly

unexpected compliments

being ok with imperfection

falling in love with a new feature you have

nights without TV

Cloe Madanes

“Joyful! Joyful! We adore thee!”