Happy Thoughts

by elizabethbrantley

Tan men in white linen shirts

Feeling prepared before a big event

the peace of walking into a sacred space

Peacocks and Peafowl

Using cutting boards as clipboards

taking time to relax

memories of relaxing days when your life is busy

someone figuring out that happiness is a choice

“everything in its place”

“holes” where your pet should be

campfire songs

praying to God to not let you hate someone

laughing, genuinely, when you open a bill

unexpected raises

working with good friends

singing loudly when no one else is around

making friends with people at local businesses

girls dinners

getting a new book

finishing a book

daily habits you have chosen

effortlessly seeing yourself in the future you have always desired


straw hats and lady luncheons

the way high heels puncture the grass you walk on

shelves of clouds

attic fans

perfect gifts for friends

knowing yourself.