Transition Chocolate….

by elizabethbrantley

Part of my personal subscription for a happy life is chocolate. Not just because it tastes divine and feeds probably more my soul than my body, but because it is a special treat. I am not ashamed to say that I go months having a piece or something with chocolate in it every day. The only way this works though is when you don’t drench the treat in guilt. That always leaves a bad aftertaste.

Today I remembered the power of chocolate. After long Monday running around, I found myself complaining in the car to Drew! That’s not how I want to greet anyone! Nonetheless the person I love the most! But everything was completely turned around when I dashed into Earthfare to pick something up, and before leaving, snuck around to the bulk section and grabbed a few chocolate covered pretzels.

Walking out of the store, I took my first bite, and literally was transformed. It was like the chocolate put rose-colored glasses over my eyes! Everything looker happier and brighter. The deliciousness took me over. I couldn’t help but know in every cell of my body that  my life is remarkably amazing. Life really does love me. And today it told me through chocolate and sunshine, panting dogs, and green tea – even a good, long day of work.

Just a few steps later, I got back into the car and was changed. I was amazed at my own difference! I wanted to play not complain. I wanted to tickle not fight. God Bless chocolate covered pretzels!

Yet as I sat amazed at my own transformation, I realized that it wasn’t just the chocolate. That was just a symbol. It was my transition treat. It broke my work-day pattern, of the ream of my frustrations playing on repeat  in my head. Taste brought me out of it. Dashing and running into the store brought me out of it. Looking upon the car that I come out of objectively brought me out of it.

So what is the point? That we can all develop transitions to break ourselves out of negative patterns we find ourselves in! There are too many times that I can hear myself speaking and just don’t like what I am saying. But I don’t have a bridge. I don’t have something to shake me up and get me to another place.

So I thought today to share and brainstorm some of these “Shake Ups!” I hope that we can use them, do them, and apply them, so that we are never in a spiral of behavior that even we see is ugly! In my experience, the more we can involve our bodies and all of their senses, the more we can be brought out mentally of the rut.

Some I have tried:

– Shaking my whole body violently before getting into my car after work (This one is a favorite – It is like pressing a reset button, and I can never do it without laughing at how ridiculous I must look to others.)

– Splashing water on my face (Even from a water bottle in public)

– Delighting in Chocolate Covered Pretzels

– Running, even a short distance playfully (not like a “run) as if I was a child again.

– Doing a handstand

– Moaning/ groaning/ yelling (mostly in my car or in another place people can hear/ become concerned)

– Taking a walk in nature or a historical part of town

– Cooking!

– Sticking my tongue out as far as it can go and doing other crazy facial stretches

– Playing a new really good song loudly

– Brushing my teeth

– Playing the miracle game out loud

Theres a beginning list. My thought and experience though, is that we can each condition ourselves with one “transition” move that helps us to leave work behind, so then we can be present to all those around us, including Life. What’s one you can try today?