Sunday Procrastination Help….

by elizabethbrantley

Yea its Sunday! Yet in this season, with finals, or projects, or maybe just the overwhelming desire to be and do everything outside, there comes a weight on us too – the weight of procrastination.

I am writing about this, because, whoa! am I guilty of it this weekend! There has been three things I have been putting, putting, putting off and this makes me feel terrible! (I eat poorly! I berate myself! and I dilly daddle! What is that about?)

Here is one trick though, that I just used that was AMAZING! It helped me focus and get “it” done. (And really wasn’t painful at all)

1. Think of the task that you have been putting off (for me it was making a scavenger hunt – don’t ask!)

2. Then think realistically how long will that take (I suggest never doing it more than 45 minutes – we all need a break! If the task you are thinking of will take longer than 45 min. then break the task up. Study for one section/one chapter. Do the first part of the task. This alone will help with not feeling overwhelmed, which is usually the culprit of the procrastination in the first place.)

3. Take you phone and set a timer for that time.

4. Then, Do It!  Give yourself full permission to completely stop when the timer is up, but not until then. 

Chances are the momentum of just starting will push you to want to complete it!

God bless timers!