You look stunning!

by elizabethbrantley

Here is the idea! and the thinking behind it….

Sometimes in this journey and relationship with Life, we forget that it is there. We forget it is pining after us, showering us with compliments, supplying every need. It can be hard since Life is so funny and takes on any and every form around us, yet doesn’t have one distinct face.

So in an effort to help that, to support you, to charm you, to build you up, Life is going to start tweeting!

Like Life, we aren’t always sure when it will come, how often, or what it is going to say – but if you feel like you need a pick-me up, if you want to open another channel for Life to reach you and love you, you can have it @LifeCrush!

I am bubbly just with the idea! I have always wanted more positive, enhancing and brilliant messages, meant just for me! Now we can all get them!

Tweet! Tweet!