Awakening the Goddess Within

by elizabethbrantley

I don’t know if you have ever experienced this before, when someone gives you a compliment and it just doesn’t jive. You smile and say thanks, but something within you simply doesn’t click with what the person is saying. It isn’t that you don’t think of yourself that way, but rather that  the compliment points to the wrong aspect of you. It is like someone coming over for dinner compliments the meal by attributing great taste to the plate it is served on.  It just misses the mark entirely.

I have had this experience when my husband has called me “smokin’ hot”. Don’t get me wrong, I am very flattered, but I don’t think I ever laid in bed as a little girl hoping and wishing to be made “hot”, none the less, “smokin'”. I get it. There are times, truly, when he looks so good I can’t find the right word, and our culture and language limits me to “hot”, as well. But the truth is that he is devastatingly handsome at those times. He is irresistible. He is debonair. When I use those words, yes, I suddenly feel more accurate in describing what I am seeing and experiencing.

Well a few years ago Drew paid me a compliment that hit me to my core and blew my mind. It clicked like nothing had before. It resonated with something deep within me and struck a chord that pointed to a true nature that had lay dormant for my entire life.

He called me a Goddess.

I loved this so much. This may be because I yearn for the Divine Feminine to boldly embrace every living thing in this world.  Or perhaps because it reflects the highest compliment of Truth I believe anyone can have – a recognition of the Divinity that they are.

The Truth as I understand it is that without any doubt there is the Goddess energy and being living in every woman (and man, just not quite as much, since he has more of the Masculine Divinity). This Divinity moves sultry through the bedroom, She nourishes those who are hungry for Truth, and She expresses through tears, laughter, dancing, indescribable beauty. The Goddess is the one who dances with Life through sunsets and blazing fires. The Goddess looks straight into fears and the unknown and extends her rebel yell or delicate song to break the darkness and create a net of lights to travel along. The Goddess is the highest good and the one that recognizes there is no “right” or “wrong” but that it is all her lover, her teacher, her friend, her beloved Life.

This is why Drew calling me a Goddess gave me pause. He was acknowledging this higher self, this Being of light that our culture and religions have squelched or denied in its true feminine form. For me, it was the invitation somehow to be spiritual and in love in my own womanly ways.

It is unfortunate that Goddesses are relegated to the past, to ancient history and cultures looked upon historically and not spiritually. It is a shame because this world is overcome by millions of Goddesses, ready and excited to embrace Life, to create Life, to dance with Life. This Goddess lives in every woman. I was lucky enough to have my man point it out, but this then took me till my mid-twenties. What if we went and met the goddess within us sooner? What if She was welcomed to rule our mind and our actions? Where would she take us? Trespassing and skinny dipping in a neighbor’s pool under the full moons embrace? To a street corner where a man needs some food, and She offers him a meal and Her coat? To the freshly tilled soil hot under the noon-day sun pressed underneath Her bare feet?

How would your life be different if every morning you greeted this Divine aspect that dances around your altar before even you get out of bed?

How would your days play out if She played in them?

She is real. The Goddess lives within you and is you.  She is a force to be reckoned with, bowed down to and shaken awake. For Life has a policy of serving the Divinely Perfect Goddess when she is awakened within you, It brings Her nothing less than her Divine expectations in everything. Recognize this in yourself, or in the women around you, and nothing will ever be the same.