Like a Sock

by elizabethbrantley

I know we all fold laundry and end up with random one-sock articles. Where is the match? Did it get stuck in another load? Caught behind the dryer? Stuck still to the edge of the washing machine?

No matter how hard it may be to find this missing sock, the undeniable truth is that every sock that is new and enters into your life has a perfect match.

Unquestionably, though, these pairs separate for a bit, get lost in the jumble, and are alone.

It can be frustrating, it can be annoying, and even sometimes we give up on and forget the fact that every sock that entered your house has a match.

You are exactly like a sock. You came here, to this life, with a match. There is a perfect left to your right.

We can never forget this, even when like a new sock you were thrown into the washing machine of Life and separated before ever being paired together.

Keep knowing, without a shadow of doubt, your match is close by.

It just might take some more time for Life to surface your pair again.

But Life loves you, and it will bring forth soon enough, that perfect match that has seemed to go missing.