Happy Thoughts!

by elizabethbrantley


funny-looking dogs

eating in the grocery store


filling in

finding a television show that is highly entertaining

the first time you eat outside in the Spring

the sound of ice hitting the bottom of a glass

preparing to meet your idol

a well-worn book, falling apart at the seams

spending less than $70 on your weekly groceries

a perfect present that has you romping through the house to find

using everything you have to create what you want

a vase of lavender

feeling understood


a really good laugh at yourself

a warm shower to usher you to bed

four ingredient delicious desserts

“cutting a check”

drive-thrus that give your dog a treat: the bank, chick-fil-a

a season of growth

being scared, but going forward anyway

waking up early naturally


pillow talk


giving your “hidden world” as a gift to a love one

vines on trees so thick they look like cruise ship anchor lines

finding Narnia

breathing deeply in and out