Life without action is dead….

by elizabethbrantley

I meant to type in the title “Faith without action is dead”, but Life naturally came out – so of course, I am not going to mess with a good thing. Yet I meant to talk here about faith. I recognize this may be a loaded word, so let me begin by saying that this is not a discussion on different religions. The faith I am speaking of here is the faith that we all have. Faith, like breathing, is a natural function a human being.

We have faith driving down the road that someone isn’t going to cross the line and enter our territory. We have faith that the sun is going to come up the next day. We have faith that perhaps our parents will act a certain way, or that there will always be air to breath. These are all faiths in something. When we get into religious faiths- we then are talking about those believes too- yet that is not what this post is about.

This is about the anatomy of faith. What is its structure? What is its purpose in our life? What is the true litmus test of one’s faith.

The answer to the last question, in my opinion, is very clearly our actions.

If you want to see and understand what you really do believe, then simply look at what you choose to do and how you choose to act.

When I had faith, an unnerving faith, in the fact that Life truly did have a crush on me, my actions were completely changed. I walked confidently into situations that before I would have timidly approached. When I knew without a shadow of a doubt that Life was a true entity that was responding to me and my needs, I acted and reacted to things calmly and with peace, knowing that Life  was fully capable, led me here and will always be dear friend and lover.

As I went to bed last night, having chosen a new attitude and approach to my day that I wrote about, my mind quickly turned to the next thing. What was the question that ran through my mind this time? – Why exactly was I faced with a seemingly momentous problem with my family – again!? 

Very similar to my greatest hurt of the past, a situation has developed that has brought distress, worry and fear to me and my family. And I am talking Big. Not death. But to some, just as close.

Then as I lay there thinking about this I heard what I could only call a whisper from Life. All It said was “Big Problem needs Big Faith.”

In a moment, this sudden “problem” was transformed. As I lay down thinking why? why? why? is this happening again, this idea slipped into my mind again and again – “Big Problem needs Big Faith.”

I suddenly realized why this “problem” was here again, almost exactly as it was six years ago. It’s because I didn’t get it then.  This is not a problem – this is a gift. Without this imbalance in my circumstances, without this “problem” I would never have the opportunity to demonstrate the faith I have in Life. Now with this situation that is completely and utterly beyond my capability and control, I have the chance to prove not just though my words, but though my choices of how I act and react, that I really do believe in the power and presence of Life. If I didn’t have this big problem, I would never be able to test the limits of my faith.

As I have become more verbal about my firm belief that Life Has A Crush On You, I think Life needs to make sure (just as some of you, too) that I am not just talking a big game. Of course that is one of my greatest concerns whenever I proclaim a Truth that I have. I cherish integrity within others, but most importantly, within myself. Integrity only comes when your actions match what you are saying.

So of course, then, as I am exploring more and sharing more the fact and truth about Life,  I am faced with a problem – one I cannot solve myself. If I didn’t have such a large problem, then I wouldn’t be able to demonstrate, to proclaim, to scream at the top of my lungs again and again that Life is totally, absolutely in love with me (and you!!) and that this looks like full support – full love- full provision.

This time around with this problem I am not going to be so wishy-washy. I am not going to say, “ok” and let the external roll over me, and roll me under, like I did that last time. I am going to say no. I am going to claim my standard and tell Life that it is not acting appropriately.  I have been given here the chance to act out of fear or faith. I am given the opportunity, a big opportunity to not just talk, but to do. This is exciting. This is when it becomes real.

This is the gift presented to me. It is a gift to put into action exactly what I hope to share with everyone I ever come in contact with. So yay to this problem, and yay to this faith in Life. I will act accordingly. I will act, not just write. I will choose every day to act believing that Life has this situation under complete control and this is just the final exam. A test to see if I really can do what I say I believe. A trial in heart and in my choices about my true faith in the character of Life.

While I will say it again here, know that I will act upon it tonight, tomorrow and all the days to follow. LIFE REALLY DOES HAVE A CRUSH ON US. Life is willing to go to the ends of its ability (which is endless) to bring us our good. It’s just that sometimes this good is the faith that we need to demonstrate in the invisible Life that loves us. I see so clearly now – this isn’t a problem and a devastation. This is simply the stage for Life to come and demonstrate its unendingly abilities and love for us. This isn’t a problem – it is the greatest opportunity I have yet received to show my faith in Life.

How lucky am I!