Happy Thoughts

by elizabethbrantley

elementary school girls learning field hockey

the smell of hay

cuddly dogs

frozen vegetables

opening all the windows

attic fans

crying in a cold shower

planting one seed at a time

sticking to a program


deciding to do something no matter what

beginning a home based business

sun salutations to the sun

never going to sleep with a sink full of dishes

bringing him home for the first time

Sunday bests

a really enjoyable sitcom


waking up happy

getting a grant

feeling neat and tidy

cucumber water

noticing a difference when you take vitamins

eating your colors

inspiring conferences

hearing from old friends

“getting out of the house”

things that can be manicured – lawns, nails

getting into a bed of clean white sheets after a shower

not being able to put down a book

the few breaths that calm you down

recognizing that you have plenty of time to do what you need to do

tick checks

drinking enough water

getting enough sleep

taking one step each day towards your ideal

no day ever being wasted