The Good about this Friday

by elizabethbrantley

Today is the Christian Holy Day of Good Friday. Yet one must think, why is it good? Today is the day when churches everywhere sit in darkness. Today is the day their prophet dies. Yet today is the one holiday with the title “Good” in it.

As I meditated on this today, it became very clear why they and we can classify this day as “Good”. Why “death” in its symbolic, and real way, can be good.

It is good because today is the day that the prophet didn’t turn away from ultimate darkness. Today is the day were on some soul level every Christian faces the fact that they too  must die. Today we are allowed to feel that it is not ok, but deeply sad and moving to the core. We are faced with the reminder that there is an end and that this is painful. Today we all face a certain death within us, whether it is a habit, a change in circumstance, a relationship, or maybe even life. There is some darkness that must be walked into, that we too can’t turn away from.

Today is good because today is the day we don’t run away.

Of course there is mourning. There is pain, literally and emotionally. But in this death, in this facing of the reality, there is more Life than our common hours demonstrate. The closer to the darkness and our perceived ends we come, the more alive we become. It is here where Life comes to meet us even more, to help us bear our burdens, to whisper in our ear the faithful words we need to know when all circumstances seem to be tumbling down against us and everything we feel we need to be “ok” is taken away.

So what is so good about today? Today is the day we can all face our own darkness. We can all hear the spirit of Faith tell us the end of the story, the fact it is going to be ok, that there will be more Life than we can imagine if we just keep putting one step in front of the other and trust in Life, even in the face of death.