Underground Rivers

by elizabethbrantley

An interesting phenomenon has happened within my family recently. Three out of 6 of us have dreamt about underground lakes and rivers. Then when I was reading this morning, I was making notes about the metaphor (not knowing of these dreams) of how Life is like an underground river. It is always there, always plentiful and gushing, just hidden sometimes beneath layers of earth.

At the garden, we have a man drilling a well for us now. He went out there and dowsed, the thing where sticks crossed in front of him when there is water below.  He then knew where to begin drilling. Its amazing. They are always right. Because of him and the water that he has found, we are able to plant hundreds of more plants and therefore pick and enjoy thousands of more vegetables and fruits. The water he has found serves us all and grows things for us in ways we couldn’t have dreamed of before.

But what does this underground river of Life mean for us. What does it look like when someone really does have access to this river of Life? And what are ways, methods, and tools for us to tap this Source?

When I think and write of these things, there opens up a space within my heart and my throat. I can’t help but think the key and the pipe sits right there within each of us. It is as if we are each a fountainhead. We each can spout this Source, use this source, give this source to grow and water everything in our lives. Just like any good pipe, though, whether it’s a blood-vessel or a water pipe, we have to keep it clear from build up and junk. We have to do some cleaning, we have to put some harsh substances down the drain to wear away the thoughts, feelings, emotions that clog the Source from coming to us faster and effortlessly.

What happens when you clean? You get dirty. You have to look at the grime. You have to scrub and get help and assistance from others. You have to put in the time. You have to know what you want the end result to be. You have to remove everything that doesn’t belong.

While this can be easier with material things, I think we each have to find some time to clean our heart. To speak our mind and clear our throat. We have to “get things off our chest” and then resume with our purpose. This is a way to clear the channel that connects us with this never-ending river of Life that lays beneath the surface of our perceptions.

We are each a spout of this Source. It turns on and flows when we are on and in the flow. It comes easily when all the gunk is out of our channels – channels of expression, love, creativity. But the truth is still there. There are underground rivers. There is this deep Source of nourishment and power. You are an expression of this to the greater world. You are a way to spread nourishment to others, to help things grow and to feed the world. How can you clean your channel? How can you turn yourself on?