by elizabethbrantley

One of the greatest demonstrations of our faith in Life is to simply relax.

Think about it. In any love story where there is a deep and obvious connection of true love, are either of the other people worried? No! They are fascinated, enthralled, thrilled, exuberant. If anything, all the external or internal troubles that were present before they fell in love seemed to have miraculously disappeared.

It is part of our relationship to Life to relax and let go.

This does not mean that we not to exert some effort, or do the absolute best we can in any situation. What it does mean is that while you are doing your part, you can safely rest and even stop thinking about what you want, the solutions you feel you are responsible for, or any worry that was seizing your mind before. Stop gripping. Release the reigns. Let some magic in.

Relaxing is a learned skill. I feel sometimes that it is against our culture to let go, to trust, to really believe that it will all work out. Yet when I sit down and find myself consulting with my beliefs, what I know to be true, then I can’t help but realize that in the hard, Life is there to help me and love me, and in the good, Life is there to celebrate and be with me. It’s a marriage already, a marriage as sure as your shadow, as sure as your breath.

The truth is that you have a partner with you every moment. This partner is more competent than any one else in the entire world. They are more understanding, more powerful, more playful, for supportive than even your greatest and best friend. You are partners with Life. Can you begin to use this force to not only create what you want, to ask and go for something that you think is “too good to be true” but also to relax – an ultimate expression of trust in Life.

I read this morning about this concept. There it said, “This means living in a quiet state of confident expectation that all that is necessary to complete your needs is being done.”

Have you had a day of confident expectation in the solution of something you have worried about recently ? Have you had a moment of it? What would that feel like? What would it be like truly if we let go and let Life do all it needs to do to help us be the absolute best people we can be?

I promise you Life is here right now. Life loves you more than you can ever conceive. Life is doting on you. Life is giving to you. Life is playing with you. Be there with it. Love it right back. Dote on Life too. Receive from Life. Give to Life. Play with Life.

Relax into Life and it will always catch you and hold you tight.