Act as if…

by elizabethbrantley

What does it mean to act as if?
To me it means that we act knowing that exactly what we have asked for, that our greatest desire, is already with us.
When we are determined to bring anything of substance into our lives, then we are creating something out of nothing. We are alchemists of Life! We are creating the mold that Life is ready to fill. But what are our tools? What is our clay? It is exactly what you find in front of you.
If you are desiring love from another, then “act as if” that person who loves you endlessly and unconditionally is already there (which it is, since it is Life, it’s just that Life will take the form of a person). What are the tools around you that can demonstrate your faith that Life is rushing to fulfill this request? Could you set a place for him at your breakfast/ dinner table? Can you create a space for a frame of the two of you on your desk? Heck, send yourself flowers asking the florist to “surprise you” on a random day in the next two weeks with a bouquet. Sign it from Life or maybe it just says “I Love You”. Truth is, hopefully, you do love you! That feeling you will get the moment they arrive is exactly the feeling we want to generate and reproduce again and again, since that is how it feels when you are in love! Why wait!? Lets feel it now! Perhaps you leave your first speed dial open for your future love that is coming to you! Or maybe you clean out half your closet and a drawer because this person is not going to want to leave you alone. Get them a toothbrush. Buy some shaving cream. Why not even buy a pair of boxers that you keep on the floor in the bathroom? That’s what ‘ to be like when you move in together! Then every day these briefs are a reminder that the person to fill those boxers is coming. Spray your bed with cologne. Buy some beer or bourbon to have for them. What can you do, since this person is en route?!
If you are desiring financial peace, then “act as if” you already have that. What can that look like? Perhaps never saying that you are lacking anything. Someone who had wealth wouldn’t talk that way.  Perhaps it’s creating space in your wallet, or new accounts at the bank for what you would want to do with extra money – savings, vacations, education etc. Think of the things that represent financial peace to you. Is it shopping without worrying – create a budget and stick to it! Then you always have money to do what you have deemed important. Does financial peace come in knowing about stocks and financials? Or perhaps meditating and living well within your means? Is financial peace really a sense of having beauty and security? If so, then do luxurious things every day- take a bath at night with rose petals in it, while reading Jane Austen and listening to Enya. Ask to meet the chef at the next restaurant you go to to send your compliments. Start a travel journal that describes your adventures – real or not! Use good hand cream. Subscribe to magazines that interest you. Feel the wealth of having a home. Running water. Change in your couch cushions. Wear red toe-nail polish. Meditate every day. Simply your home. Your schedule. Your priorities. These are all expressions of wealth, and each represent a faith in the fact that Life will come and meet you to give you exactly what you want and need. Create the mold through all the tools at hand. Life will come and fill it. Life is abundantly wealthy, and Life has a crush on you. It is ready to give to you the desires you hold dearest to yourself. Don’t get fooled though. Although you may want a particular type of car, or perhaps a designer outfit – is that really wealth, or is it significance that you desire? What is the need behind the wants? I know I desire financial stability because I desire peace and freedom. Are there other ways to get peace and freedom without millions of dollars! Indeed, and they are accessible now!
I chose two examples of “acting as if” above, but it can be done with anything – jobs, careers, families, relationships, friendships, education, health. This is the fun of it! This is where we get to play. If thinking and playing in this way, using the things immediately in front of us to create a mold for what we desire, isn’t fun, isn’t enjoyable, but a burden, then there is another step first – there are some residual emotions, some conflicting thoughts that must be cleared up. But that we can discuss another day. Life is waiting to pour itself into what you create through your heart games! Let us then begin!