The Sunday Blues

by elizabethbrantley

In my experience, the Sunday Blues are a real thing. Emotions lingering from school still come up. I think these are residual feelings from when I used to procrastinate and finally look at the work that I had to do for the week ahead. Yet there is a deeper emotional component to the Sunday Blues, too. It is as if I need to mourn the weekend. For me  it is never fun to walk into this time alone with only the sad setting Sunday sun.

While I have tried a few things to combat these blues that haven’t been too healthy, including eating too much, vegging out in front of the TV, reading a book that is not required by class, each of these was simply a distraction and a way I could avoid facing what I really needed to.

So today, when these Blues crept in with a vengeance, compounded by the fact that it is the final day of a fabulous vacation, I decided to do something about it. I have compiled a list of things to do (with some that I plan on doing right now!), that will lift my spirits. Hopefully these won’t take you away from feeling what you are feeling  and mourning this small finish of something. Instead, may these suggestions of actions help you  face the good that has occurred and courageously enter into the turning point of the week with a bit more joy.

Take a Shower.

Do the one thing that you are avoiding the most / scared of looking at.

Laugh for two minutes for no reason (even if faked).

Give yourself permission to feel and cry if you can.

Make a happy list.

Play your new favorite song and dance while no one is watching.

Rub your feet.

Do a yoga series.

Clean your living space.

Find a short task to get the momentum going for the week – a load of laundry, finish the dishes, write a thank you note, place your order on amazon.

Go for a run.

Call your best friend.

Do a guided meditation.

Imagine yourself celebrating Life next Saturday.

Cook a new dish and invite someone over to enjoy it.

Color a simple drawing with some crayons or colored pencils.

Do your work outside.

Write down all your prayers/ requests for the week.

Text someone that you love them.


Jump for 5 minutes (proven to make you happier and change your state!)

Clean out your closet (or maybe even just a drawer).

Do 100 crunches

Affirm something in the mirror for 2 minutes. (Perhaps that you trust and allow change.)

Drink 4 glasses of water in one hour.

Smile for 1 minute.

Read something encouraging and reflect on it (I like to write on it)

Look through old pictures! (preferably not on Facebook, since this breeds comparitis.)

Say thank you to all the inanimate objects you are using.

Play with an animal!

Practice four-part breathing.

Call your family.

Plan a gift.

Linger in a hug.