The 11th Hour

by elizabethbrantley

This is important for all of us to remember. It is our job as friends, siblings, spouses, employees, bosses, mothers, fathers etc. to remind others of the sacred and holy time of the 11th hour.

The expression of the 11th hour hasn’t been used for some time, but it refers to the very last time before you need something. It is the day before the dance that you haven’t been asked to. It is the last few seconds of the game where you are one score behind. It is the last time before your bill is due. It is the very few moments before whatever deadline you have is approaching.

The 11th hour, most importantly, is the hour when you have literally done everything you have thought of. It is the time when all you can do is be. There is no more doing on your part, there is only being.

To some this may seem”lazy” or indolent. Have you ever tried this, though? Have you ever surrendered to the unseen. It may be the hardest thing you will ever do. Doing things, creating busyness and commotion are easy, especially as distractions for ourselves. Letting go, however, can be the ultimate challenge.

It isn’t until we have let go, though, that Life really comes to you. It is during the last few moments when you have surrendered your control, that Life suddenly finds it has the space to work within your affairs, circumstances, heart and mind to the extent that it needs to. Life efficiently will come in, no matter what the situation, and provide for you and your need. First, however, you have to give up control.

Often we shirk from the 11th hour. It is nerve-racking to walk into this time. Not to mention we are emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted. We have come to the point when we see no possible solution to our problem, answers to our prayers. We see only complete darkness, when all we need is just a little light to remind us of the beauty of Life.

The most important question when we are approached with problems and demonstrations worthy of an 11th hour, is can we grow to love the 11th hour and even get excited about it? Can we know we are about to meet Life and its gifts?  Can we run to the end of all our thoughts and ability to change a situation and then look blindly to Life through the darkness, trusting that we can confidently move forward? Can we find peace in the 11th hour? Can we prepare a table, a dance floor, a space in bed for Life at this time?

I don’t know why it is this way. I don’t think that Life wants to test our faith in It and Its ability to meet us anywhere, at any time. But I think rather this is the time and space for us. This is the stage and podium for us to declare  what we see as true, despite the appearances around us. This is our time to exclaim our love for Life, no matter what darkness, impending doom, or problem is facing us. This is our time to be bold in our faith that Life does have the ability – the endless, unstoppable ability – to give to us all the light that we need, all the answers, good, love and assurance for our days to be good, joyous and fulfilled.

The 11th hour is then transformed into a time of our own peace, meditation and trust. The 11th hour is the day of rest it has been advised that we take. It is the bold action of surrendering to the power and awesome ability of Life.

So today, tomorrow, or perhaps in weeks from now, when you find yourself at this time, when the deadline is approaching and you see no solution, no way you can answer your own need, prepare that space in your heart and in your mind for Life to come in. This is how It works. I don’t know why, but it is something you can trust.