If I could start a trend….

by elizabethbrantley

Sometimes I dream of what my world would be like if I could enhance it just a little bit.

Here is the trend I wish for…

Every woman carries a bouquet of flowers, everywhere. As if flowers were a new purse, or perhaps a piece of jewelry or adornment.

This way her beautiful bouquets are not limited to her wedding day, or perhaps her dining room table. No. They are brought out into the light. Shared with others, and herself, and are a constant reminder of beauty and change in life.

Society supports this trend by engineering vases into cars, like cup holders for your coffee. They have special wrappings to keep the flower tips moist. They have vases at every table for every potential place setting, on the bars, in the bathrooms. They have vases on your desk like they would a coaster. They have flower vendors on every corner like coffee shops are now. People don’t just ask, “How are you?”, but they ask “How are your flowers?”. Then when you see someone having a hard time or a bad day, you can give them not just a smile, but also a flower (or all your flowers). Then those bad days turn into reminders of how people really do care – those who know you and not. Those days are filled with mementos that Life and all it creates really is beautiful.

When the day is done we place our flowers at our bedside and fall asleep next to them. We wake up and feel their generosity of spirit that never stopped in the night and we joyfully dress ourselves and our lives with a bouquet yet again.