Developing Your Miracle Mind

by elizabethbrantley

When we live in the realm of the truth that “nothing is too good to be true” then we are opening ourselves up to the miracles that happen to us, around us and through us. However, very rarely are we able to hold onto one thought, nonetheless this one, for too long. It is only natural to have emotions, thoughts and experiences that direct us away from living in a state of awe at Life. Yet, luckily a mindset is very similar to a muscle. If we practice, use it, and focus on it, we gain strength and a heightened natural state.

I have developed a practice that has helped me see my life, this world and even daily things in new ways lending to see the miraculous Life that is all around us. It is a practice that can be done anywhere and produces tremendous results almost immediately. It is fun to simply try it for five minutes. It pairs well while you are doing any task, such as responding to emails, cleaning your home, watching television, planning for the future, etc.

This exercise is simply to take whatever enters any of your senses (i.e. anything you see, touch, hear, understand, think, smell, taste, digest ,etc) and call it a “miracle”.

By adamantly saying and claiming  whatever you are thinking or using as a miracle you are welcoming in a new perspective on the “same old thing”. Suddenly, you recognize that your day is filled with miracles!

Here is an example from this morning. 

At the sink,  I turned on the steel knob – miracle!  (The moment I said this, I thought of the decades that were spent trying to engineer the metal, the people working to get it,  and how many hands, minds and others were involved in this one handle?)

The water turns on – miracle! (Flowing water! In the grand scheme of history – truly miraculous!)

I fill a glass with the water, and take a sip – miracle! (How does my body just know what to do with the water? Where is this water going? What cells are going to share it? What healing properties is it bringing to me?)

I look out the window while I’m drinking and see our car – miracle! (We have a car! How many people, thoughts, trials and errors did it take for that to run so smoothly?)

The computer, the internet, a strawberry, your voice- these are not just common aspects that we have any sort of “right” to. These are all miracles. Miracles of other’s genius, miracles of our own Divinity and miracles offered by Life.

As you can see, this practice can be done any time, the more trivial or commonplace the activity, the better. You will be able to crack open the monotony of the day with the hidden truth of everything that surrounds you, is in you, and courses through you.

You will have a day dedicated to miracles.