Today Is A Day of Completion

by elizabethbrantley

Put the letter in the mail.
Drop off the winter clothes that you aren’t going to wear this season.
Sign off on the task that has been hanging over you all week.
Submit that which you have been working on, even if you don’t think its 100% perfect.
Call the friend you have been meaning to.
Finally organize under your bed.
Send that birthday/christmas/ wedding gift.

Today is a day of completion. The Universe is a highly organized place. Think of the cosmos, of each cell in your body, the perfection of a tree. Take part in this nature of yours and complete something. Let go of something. Tie the ribbons on your gifts. Dot your “i”s. Become free.

Infinite Spirit knows only completion. Allow this energy, this truth, to come through you and allow you to master this Friday.

Sometimes we hold onto things because of fear (will we ever have something like this again, even though I don’t really like it?) Or sometimes we don’t finish things because it seems the hardest step is the very last one. Other times we don’t finish something because we are perfectionists and hope we are better than what we have produced.

It is more inline with nature to do and let go, than to consistently work on something. Accept what you have, trust that it is enough and go forward. If it isn’t up to your standard, your bosses, friends’, etc. standard, then you get another chance! Nothing is alive or useful until we send it. Until we let go of it. Until we “complete” it.

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly. Take the time to finish what you need to do today. Tomorrow may you wake up free, light and open to the next things Life has to offer you.

Today is the Day of Completion!