Nature’s Caffeine

by elizabethbrantley

Nature’s Caffeine is the “crush” state. It’s the place you get a little jittery. It is the state where you can’t quite fall asleep without calming yourself down. It’s the state of perpetual expectancy of unimaginable good. This is the state we find ourselves in when we are falling in love with Life.

I don’t drink coffee regularly and have found that I am incredibly sensitive to the drink. If I have half a glass, my heart is racing, my mind is producing thought after thought and I am a bit more confident than I was before the drink. All these characteristics of drinking coffee for me are very similar to the results in my body and mind when I think about and engage in my relationship with Life.

What’s the elixir for indulging in Life, though? Coffee is easily obtained in this country and very socially acceptable, but what about a cup of Life? What does that look like? Could it have such a physical form?

In my case, I find my “cups of Life” with a myriad of things that I have made as regular in my day as my husband does his morning cup of coffee. I take a sip of Life in every yoga class, in every mediation and in every new recipe I try. I take a sip of Life by becoming vulnerable and meeting new people or sharing new ideas. I take a sip of Life by approaching that which I really want in my life, despite any hesitation or fear. I take a sip of Life every time I stop and give my undivided attention to the task or person before me. I take a sip of Life with every deeply felt “Thank You”.

This leaves me, as you can imagine, in a very “wired” state. I find when you choose to sip on Life throughout your day, you are operating on a higher cellular, mental and spiritual level than before. You are “buzzing”. You are thrilled. You are glowing. You are capable. Perhaps, most importantly, you are in love.