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Month: January, 2012

Expect The Unexpected

Expecting the Unexpected

What if today is the day you meet the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with? 

What if today is the day when you discover the answer to that nagging question that has weighed on you for years?

What if today is the day when you get what you have been asking for months, years, or perhaps, even, your whole life?

What if today is fun, exhilarating, beautiful and brilliant?

What if today is the best day of your life, yet?


Today, we are expecting the unexpected. There is magic and excitement when we repeat to ourselves this phrase, “I expect the unexpected ” and our mind automatically begins to think of the many different things we consider unexpected and “too good to be true”.

Perhaps today is a day when you get flowers. Or maybe its a day when you get a raise, a check in the mail, a compliment on your creative endeavors or a long-lost friend calling you up to say they are thinking of you.

How many good things are there that we are not expecting? The answer is endless! There is always good that is not in the forefront of our minds. Can we expect this unexpected good? Can we, in the morning, wake up with this expectancy coursing through our veins giving us extra pep and excitement throughout the day?

The truth is that one day will be the day when you meet your true love or have some unbelievable good happen to you . Chances are you will wake up normally, brush your teeth, eat your breakfast, in the same monotonous way you always do – yet little did you know that someone or something is coming into your life to change it forever that very day.

The days of momentous, stupendous and happy occurences usually always start normally!

This gives us cause to be excited every morning.

I have a great tradition and ritual with this that has worked particularly well with love. Before getting out of bed every morning, I would think to myself these thoughts found above. I would say, “What if?” “Could today be the day?” I would be so excited with the potential before me that I was eager to greet the day! Sure enough, each of these “normal” days was filled with small or big happy surprises!

This ritual allows me every morning to acknowledge the contract I have with Life. This agreement says, “Life, I will show up, expecting the best from you, if you guarantee you will show up and play, too!”

By expecting our unexpected good we are opening the door for Life to come in and shower us with the staggering good meant just for us.

Expecting our unexpected good allows us to live in accordance with our belief that nothing is too good to be true, especially in this very day.



Aspiration Affirmations…

Nothing is too good to happen!

Macon asked for it, so here it is!

Many of you are well aware that I love and use affirmations. I have found that they are harder to practice when 1) you aren’t with others who love to do them, too and 2) when they are not part of your daily routine.

I have been lucky enough to be in many situations where I can express affirmations at the top of my lungs with others. The fun, laughter and power I have when doing this is remarkable. This has mostly been when I have been at Camp Seafarer. I will always be grateful for the friends and others who allowed me to express myself this way.

Similarly, though, I have developed a practice to say them too in the shower and other times, like in line at the grocery store or while driving. These are times when I feel safe and comfortable to speak or think my current affirmations.

Affirmations have received some popularity in recent history, yet I think there are a few distinguishing factors that must be mentioned about the way affirmations work.

1) You have to believe in what you are saying.

No matter what it is that you are saying, it is by the measure of your faith that the affirmation will work or not. Research has shown that affirmations work only when the person begins with a belief in that which they are saying.

We spoke of energy in the last post, and it is important to recognize that this belief is the most powerful energy here. The more you believe, the more energy there is behind the statement. Thus, we must look at and examine the mental and emotional state we are in when we choose to affirm something. If you are in complete disbelief that something particular is going to happen, yet affirm it, you will get what you believe. Your words affirm the emotion you are feeling, so you must be careful of what you are “feeling” while you are using affirmations.

2) Affirmations can be done out loud or silently.

As we mentioned the importance of energy behind the affirmation, we can look at this in the many different forms that energy takes place. Saying something loudly, or even screaming it, puts a lot of energy behind the words. We can recognize this when we are in an argument or around someone yelling. Their words are forceful and piercing on account of the energy behind them. This same principle can be applied to good and kind words that articulate something that you can’t wait to see in your life!

If you are able to develop a practice and routine where you think particular affirmations silently, you will begin to notice changes in your physiology, psychology, emotional state and mental acuity, as well. Silence, too, has power and energy in it.

Other ways of adding extra ‘umph’ to an affirmation can be singing it (this is great for in the shower), pairing it with physical movements and associating it with things around you daily (for example, every time you are at a stop sign, you train yourself to repeat an affirmation like, “Today is a day of wonder. I pause to notice the good around me.”)

3) Words are a vibratory force within themselves.

We so rarely constitute words as living, “breathing”, vibrations, yet they are. They are very much alive and can carry and alter people’s states. We must treat our words, whether they are part of affirmations or just part of casual daily conversations, like the powerful energy packets that they are. It is through words that we can change people’s states, beliefs, experiences and mood. Affirmations take this basic principle of what words are and simply brings your focus onto what you are saying, a chosen phrase, instead of your mental dialogue that happens naturally. Beginning affirmations is to begin consciously choosing your mental dialogue and therefore, in the end, will save you energy and naturally bring you to focus on the good within and around you. Thus, you are propelled toward what you focus on, and naturally arrive at a state where you are living what you have been thinking and saying.

4) Pick the phrase that “clicks” for you!

As you read over the affirmations here, in a book, or even ones you come up with yourself,  know that you are looking for affirmations that “click”. I imagine we have all had situations where something has “clicked” for us before, where we are drawn to one particular thing over another and feel a wave of satisfaction and peace come over us. It is important for us to develop the awareness of these moments of “clicking” since it is very much a guide for ourselves to learn about where we are and perhaps where we are going. If you find an affirmation that clicks, write it down. Sing it. Repeat it. Love it.

5) Don’t force it; it’s all a game.

There must be a sense of playfulness around you when you are affirming. Like learning and practicing a sport or instrument, it is after you have practiced that you are then able to “play”, and so it is with affirmations and life, too. At first it may feel a bit awkward, but it should be fun and interesting, just like when you first started your favorite hobby.

Although it seems that affirmations are a tool for “getting” things in life, they aren’t. They are a way of enhancing and refocusing yourself in your own life. If you begin affirming with one particular goal in mind, say a particular person, or material thing, you must not be too attached to that particular outcome. It is dangerous to ask for one particular thing instead of the overall emotion, feeling, purpose and state behind the affirmation. (In this case, it would be better to ask for or give thanks for your Divinely perfect love, instead of one particular person.) Since these are powerful tools, you never want to end up with something that is not meant to be yours.

It is the best practice to surrender the outcome and the way in which the affirmation manifests itself also by adding phrases like, “under grace and in perfect ways.” It is by surrendering our ego and control of the affirmation that then you allow the powerful forces of Life and the Universe to bring about in marvelous ways that which you have been asking for.  You don’t play a sport for a guaranteed final score. You play for the game itself because it is fun and because you never quite know how it is going to go. Winning is excellent and always a goal, but it’s the “playing” that changes us, build us up and helps us to grow.

Although there is more to say, I think the most fun thing now, is to list here some of my favorite affirmations. Hopefully I have shared these already with you in life, but it is always fun for me to remember and write them down again and again.

The two books that a lot of these came from are The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn and You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. These will be added to the book list page of this blog shortly, for further reference. I highly recommend both of these works.

A Few Affirmations….

I am willing to change 

(this affirmation is particularly powerful when beginning to change something in your life. You don’t have to mention the particular thing you want to change. The phrase put you in a state of preparation for change, thus allowing whatever it is you do want to be planted in your life. This is one I almost always begin with when I am looking to change something in my life.)

Divine Idea fills my mind, body and affairs.

All that I need is already provided for me.

I am in the perfect place at the perfect time.

I am Wildly Attractive.

Divine Idea pours through me, an irresistible magnet for all that is my by Divine Right – Health, Wealth, Love and Divine Self-Expression.

I am more than enough for any situation that comes my way.

I now move into the Divine Plan for my life, under grace and in perfect ways.

I am showered with love and able to give as much as I want.

In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete.

I freely and easily release the old and welcome in the new.

I am in the perfect place, at the perfect time, with the perfect people.

Today is the day of my wildest dreams.

I look with wonder at all that is before me!

and of course,

Life has a crush on me!

Life Has A Crush On You!

June 12, 2010

Life Has A Crush On You!

Welcome to this new site and a new perspective. The purpose of this blog is to help us all remember in the small moments, in the hard moments and in every moment that we are in a consistent and constant relationship with Life – yes, that’s Life is a capital “L”.

What does this mean and entail? It means that like any relationship you can expect dialogue, presents, surprise love notes, encouragement and more growth than you have ever imagined.

This philosophy started around 6 years ago, when my good friend Catherine and I were working at a summer camp and needed to regain some energy and excitement that the sun and working 16 hour days had depleted from us. As I lay in bed one night brainstorming of ways to get energy without eating or drinking caffeine, it dawned on me. Unlike any other time in my life, if someone was around me that had a crush on me, and I had a crush on them, I got energy!

I can’t explain this, but I can prove it. Just thinking of it now, fills me with tingling excitement! I imagine you have had this too. It could have been a time when that person you were sure never even noticed you said hello and used your name. Or perhaps it was the time when you were sure the most attractive person you had ever seen was actually staring at you. It’s the energy of when you get flowers by surprise, or a small note asking you for a date.

Yes, it’s that energy, that love and that excitement that this blog is intended to incite in you! For it is with this excitement and flooding of energy that then we are  propelling ourselves into lives to be marveled at. I can see clearly how my romantic and personal life was blown open when I started in on this relationship with Life. It has produced miracle after miracle and many experiences that I would consider to be “too good to be true”.

Since I have begun living this way, it has been my hope and dream to share these insights and my enthusiasm with as many friends and others that I know. Thus, I offer you this blog and space to share and get excited together.

Over the past three months I have compiled 52 exercises that I have practiced as I started being in love with Life. These exercises have brought me closer to myself and others, as well as, the life I had always dreamed of living. I hope to share these with you, along with other daily insights that can hopefully sprinkle some joy into your life.

Thank you for your time and excitement as we begin to live again, as I believe we are meant to- fully, excitedly, wildly and head over heels in love with Life.

Life has a crush on you! And nothing could be more exciting!

With Love,