The Geography of Heaven

by elizabethbrantley

Photo from National Georgaphic

I find there are contradicting thoughts about the different “places” where Heaven can be. It seems juvenile and old-fashioned to look to the sky now and say, “Oh, the heavens” and to think that this is a place in which people will go after they die. I suppose this feels weird to say and think because space now is a place people have been. We have expanded our frontier into the Universe and the stars above whether through manned trips within our solar system, or sending pairs of eyes through cameras beyond the reached of what we are capable of.

Yet there still remains this idea of Heaven. I define Heaven as a place and a personal state where everything is in harmony and balance. It is filled with the presence of Divine Perfection.

In all my reasoning, in all my deducting, and in all my intuiting, I find that Heaven cannot exist anywhere but right here and right now. The map of where Heaven is, in my mind, has shrunk to be held within the individual and is demonstrated in their affairs.

Christians everywhere today will pray the Lord’s Prayer. A prayer that states, “Our Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed be your Name. Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

I have always understood Heaven here to be a word representing the Divine Order that is perfect under Grace and in perfect ways. It is the realm beyond “good and bad”. It is the realm beyond duality, where Life simply is.  This Heaven is a place where the Divinity of every thing, from a flower to a stone, is recognized, acknowledged and effortlessly given to its greatest purposes.

The only division between me and Heaven in my life has been my mind and the perception that I carry. By reminding myself of this idea that as I have asked in prayer that Heaven come down to Earth, right now, I bring to myself again to the reality that I truly move and live in Heaven. This fills me with exuberant amounts of  peace, excitement and love every time I think of it.

Heaven is here. Heaven is now. We are each given the opportunity to choose to live and love into this reality. It is only after doing so that we find Life responding with its Heavenly nature. We see perfection in everything including “imperfections”. We see Life offering itself again and again to us. We see that nothing is too good for this day and all that happens. We see angels in our friends or in strangers we come across. All becomes good and well.

Yes, there is no need to wait. There is no question of whether you will “get there” or not. Your chance is now. Your Heaven is before you and within you. Look inside. Ask and you will see how suddenly with Energy and Excitement you can enter into Heaven, into the Divinity within yourself, with the surrender of all previous conceptions.  With the acquisition of this new reality that this, right here and right now, is Heaven, all is changed and Life, in all its greatest glory, opens itself up to you.