So, Life, what do you want to do today?

by elizabethbrantley

Can you have a conversation with Life, one where Life talks back?

Can Life become a friend, a confidant, a lover, a guide?

These two questions lead us down an interesting and exciting path. If we are able to take away our limiting belief that Life itself cannot speak to us, then our days become wide open and filled with messages, encouragement, signs and wonders that are truly hard to believe. On good days, I am speaking to Life all day long! And Life is talking right back!

When we begin to have an actual relationship with Life, as if It was your very best friend in the whole entire world, then we can begin to dialogue with Life. Just as we adopt our ways of communicating with certain people, we must here, too, destroy certain “ideas” we have of how a conversation must go.

As with any friend, or good talk that we have, we must enter the space and the dialogue with no expectations, yet a willingness to learn, laugh and enjoy what the other “person” has to say.

Life is waiting for you to start to ask some good questions, to tell it stories and for you to reach out as if you were casually sharing with your best friend. It is waiting for you to start listening in ways that you have never thought of before. It is waiting for you to show up, sit and have coffee with It. In the bounds of your very days, in the limits of your schedule, Life has the uncanny ability to talk and laugh with you. It is up to you to be open for all the chatter.

How to Converse with Life?

But how to do you begin this? How do you befriend Life when its boundaries are so nebulous?

The answer lies is your ability to drop your own boundaries and to understand that Life has the ability to use anything in your life to talk to you.

Just like in most conversations, questions are the most potent and broadening aspect of the dialogue. I suggest beginning by first asking questions and trusting that Life is close by, listening and ready to respond. Do this in the most playful manner possible!

Common questions I find myself asking, are “Ok, what should I wear?” , “What would be most fun to write about today?”, “Where should I look?”, “What should I do?”, “What do you want to eat?”, “What am I missing?”, “Where should I be right now?”, “How funny is this video/ book/ scene?”, “How can I get out of this mood?”, “Tell me something I need to know.”, “Tell me  a story.”, “Is today going to be a good day?”,  “What can I do for you?”

Nothing is too small or to0 big to ask about.

Life will answer you back. The answers come in a variety of ways and maybe not delivered as quickly as you would like, but they are always on their way. The answer might be through a sign, a tangible and physical  answer you find in something you pick up and read or see. Or maybe you have a “gut” feeling about something and find yourself gravitating that way, only then to meet with your answer. The answer can be in a song, in someone else’s words to you, in the mail, in an email, in the trash, in the sky, in your heart, in your journal. The answers will come in the most creative, fascinating ways. It is up to us to listen, remain open and trust.

Some of the Ways Life Talks to Me

* A friend or acquaintance tells me exactly what I need to hear, or repeats the same question I have asked Life

* Every time I come home and there is a dog SO excited to see me (That is Life saying, YAY! YOU’RE BACK! I LOVE YOU!)

* Every time there is a love song playing, whether in the car or in public (That is a song Life wrote and is playing JUST FOR ME!)

* The repetition of certain quotations in my life during the same time period

* When flowers are placed on my path

* When there is a glisten and glitter to that which lays before me

* Through books and passages that speak right to my questions

* Through a sense of knowing when one particular thing is meant to be with me (this is a very distinct feeling)

* Through emails, text messages, and letters from people who I just thought of

* Through the warmth and support of a cozy bed every night

Two of the Most Fun Ways to Converse with Life

Although I am continuously amazed by the messages from Life I get and the way they come to me (within the past two days, Life has talked to me through a mosquito and a magazine article, amongst other things). Below, however, are two practices that I have found particularly useful. The first is fascinating and very therapeutic. The second can be a bit more fun and lighthearted. Yet, both, can bring you to greater clarity and answers for some of the “heavier” questions on your heart or mind.

1. Left Hand Writing

Here is a fun way to engage yourself in a fascinating dialogue. If you are right-handed, get a piece of paper or journal and a pen. With your right hand, write down a question you have. Then, without much thought, with your left hand answer it. Dialogue then, between the two hands.

I find with this exercise that certain memories and answers flow through my left hand. I am brought back to a child-like state through the look of my writing and the vulnerability I seem to have because it is not nearly as easy to write with my left hand.  The science behind this practice is that you are engaging your right hemisphere of your brain while writing with your left hand, thereby bringing in the less dominant, more creative and visual side of your life to the page.

* If you are left-handed, do this exercise, but with switching the hands, so that you are answering the questions with your non-dominant hand.

2. The iPod Shuffle Game

Could Life speak to you through your iPod? Yes it can!

It is remarkable how well this one works. In my experience, though, it is with the truly hard questions that we get the truthful answers.

On your iPod or phone, wherever you store your music, go to the largest playlist, or preferably all your songs. Out loud ask a question you really want an answer to. Hit shuffle and listen to the song that comes next. The answer is almost always in there!

This is a great road trip game, yet also a good thing to do alone. It is always the questions that you don’t want to ask, the ones where you are scared of one particular outcome, that the answer comes most clearly.

I like this method since to me it always makes me laugh. It’s as if Life is saying, don’t you dare put any boundaries on me. I am in everything! And can use anything to talk to you!

Go! And Talk to Life

Have fun with this idea that Life is talking to you. Enjoy the wisdom, the humor, the fun that comes with the erasing of boundaries and the welcoming in of messages. Treat Life like you would a best friend. Have standards. Have fights. Seek advice. Go out and play. Share your stories.

You have nothing to lose, and can only gain an amazing friend.