We can only do small things….

by elizabethbrantley

“If you think that something small cannot make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” 

Potent things come in small packages.

Ever since the New Year,  I have been enthralled by the power of small things. I am enraptured by the thought of not doing big things. Instead, I am dedicating myself to small, itty, bitty tasks that I can practice every day, bringing me closer to becoming the person I have always wanted to be.

This new mindset has struck me with its power and efficiency. It has removed the pressure I had put on myself to accomplish large and overarching goals (like writing multiple books, learning a language, deepening my friendships, etc) and has put my goals into manageable bite size accomplishments (write one page a day, learn one word a day, write one friend a day…). By committing to less than I think I am capable of, I have somehow escaped the stress of accomplishment and moved into a state of flow, inspiration and contribution.

Before, when I wanted to do “big” things, I was often too stifled to even start. We all want to change the world, to create something beautiful and significant, something that can truly alter our reality and that of others. However, we don’t live largely in our minds or in our time. In reality, we live moment to moment. We live in minutes, in small decisions. So the question becomes, how can you fill this time with equally small, yet intentional actions?

Love is created in the moments you are fully present. Health is created in every bite. Success is created after thousands of tiny steps. If we understand and accept this nature of time and the world, then we are able to see how this day is important. This is a day that I can contribute to my large hopes and dreams, not a day I will complete them.

I encourage  you to remember the way things are created in this world. Everything that grows, grows slowly, and in small unrecognizable increments. It is only over time with each tiny step of growth accumulating on itself that we see something completely new and transformed.

Whatever change you have planted in your heart or in your life this year needs this time, space and permission to grow ever so slowly. Trust in Life and Its ways. Even when you can see no distinguishable difference, your commitment to small steps every day will bud and flower, fruit and prosper into one of the most beautiful parts of your life.